Downloadable Murder Mystery Parties

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Downloadable Murder Mystery Parties

Mystery Explained

Night of Mystery provides all the materials that you need to throw the perfect mystery party
for your friends 
or colleagues in your own home or venue.

You simply order and download the mystery materials, invite your friends, and follow the simple,
easy-to-follow materials that will guide you through how to set-up and run your own mystery party.
From creative themes to professionally designed invitations to detailed objectives and evidence,
we have you covered.

Trust us, it will be a night you will never forget!!!

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Party of the Month

We threw one of the best parties of our lifetimes with your Murder at the Juice Joint kit! The kit was really easy to use and we appreciated all the decorative extra print outs! We also thought that the mystery was really well put together and 2 out of the 20 guests were able to figure out who the killer was, so the mystery was definitely not too easy and also not impossible. A very well done mystery.

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