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Bachelorettes and Bullets

A delirious evening filled with divas and dirty secrets.


Setting the Scene

A Delirious Evening Filled with Deceit, Divas and Dirty Secrets!

With Mindy Mintjulius, a hot designer diva, preparing to don a wedding gown, Mindy’s gal pals have planned for one final night out on the town. As the important people of the bachelorette’s past and present gather to celebrate her future, one guest will fall victim and end the night without a future at all…

In a party filled with menacing models, resentful relatives and competitive co-workers, there is only that will be found guilty and forbidden to go free.

Will it be the jealous sister who desires to be a bridesmaid? The unsuspecting employee who was overlooked for a promotion? The veteran model that is vindicating her spot on the runway? Or possibly the mother of the groom that is as wicked as she is wealthy.

All the guests of this bachelorette party murder mystery are guilty until proven innocent in this puzzling party filled vengeful vixens and ferocious fashionistas.

Bachelorette Party Murder Mystery

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