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A Sorority Slaying

A social filled with sisterhood, scandal and sinister behavior!


Setting the Scene

A social filled with sisterhood, scandal and sinister behavior!

As the semester draws to an end, and the pledges get ready to activate, the University’s Panhellenic Board cites the Kappa Kappa chapter for instances of “conduct unbecoming a Greek.” With the sorority house being seriously considered for disbandment, the sisters of Kappa Kappa have to consider deactivating a member in an effort to save their chapter.

Will it be the Recruitment Chair who is accused of pushing her pledges too far be expelled? Perhaps it will be the Social Chair who has been in charge of policing partying (or lack thereof)? Or possibly the pledge president whose plans for the future may be jeopardized by her actions of today?

As the evening proceeds, and the secrets of the Kappa Kappa sisters come out, an even bigger scandal is created when one Sister drops dead in this murder mystery for women. In a race to find the murderer, no one knows who to trust, who to blame and who may be the next victim.

Time is essential for the survival of the Kappas… as a house, as well as individuals.

Murder Mystery For Women


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