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Murder At Gatsby’s Gala

A murder in an era of decadence and delight!
This Great Gatsby murder mystery game is available NOW!


Setting the Scene

In an era of decadence and delight, the Gatsbys are known to throw the most elaborate and exquisite parties on West Egg, and this weekend will be no different.

With society’s most notable and notorious set to attend, it is going to be a soiree to die for … Until someone actually does!

As the Great Gatsby murder mystery party progresses the guests will be asked to inspect, interrogate and investigate in order to uncover the killer.

Will it be the savvy songbird with silver screen dreams? A corrupt chief who pulls strings in the city? A dainty doll with a dangerous side? Or maybe the bold Bruno who ends up in bracelets.

With more motives than a moll’s got minks, it will be up to the guests to find the gunsel before the night is through.

You’d be a real sap to skip out on this crafty and canny caper!


Guest Info

Party Tips

The details make all the difference! Here are all the tips you’ll need to host a Gatsby murder mystery party to die for.

Costume Ideas

Get your creative costuming ideas here!


How to create the perfect party feel!


Food & Music

Baffled about what you can serve for your party - check here!

How To Play A Murder Mystery

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