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Happily Never After

An Enchanted Evening Filled With Your Favorite Fairy Tale Femmes!


Setting the Scene

An Enchanted Evening Filled With Your Favorite Fairy Tale Femmes

With Sleeping Beauty awake from her slumber, the evil queen’s reign turned righteous and a royal wedding in the midst – there has never been a better time to celebrate in the kingdom of Once Upon A Time. As the Fairest Of Them All Ball approaches – a gala to honor Snow White – each attendant knows their place in the kingdom will, almost certainly, forever change depending on how the night proceeds.

An evening full of accusations, promises, spells and magic awaits you and the other characters … all of which contributes to understanding the tragic fate of one of our most beloved characters.

Will the murderer turn out to be the mysterious maiden who lost her true love?
The sinister stepsister who has more foes than friends?
A pouting princess unwilling to give up what is hers?
Or possibly, a fairy who fearlessly battles the powers of dark magic.

As the night proceeds, stories will unfold and overlap, leading to a final chapter of this fantasy murder mystery in which you will decide the outcome. Will you be able to identify and condemn the culprit or will a vindictive and vicious villain go free?

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