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Best Murder Mystery Food Ideas

Murder mystery parties are exciting events full of dastardly dramatics, perplexing puzzles, and strategic scheming.

And, of course, you’ll need some murder mystery food ideas to fuel the fictitious foul play! A night of raucous role-playing and felonious fun will be had by all.

By the time the enchanting evening takes a deadly turn, the players will have worked up an appetite from all the intense investigating and underhanded plotting.

When you order a party template from Night of Mystery, you’ll also get plenty of murder mystery party menu ideas to match your chosen theme

Murder Mystery Dinner Menu Ideas

Each Night of Mystery party has a uniquely thrilling theme, so the drinks and refreshments should match the mood. There are endless options when it comes to murder mystery dinner food ideas. For each mystery, you’ll find plenty of murder mystery food ideas in the “Party Tips” section. 

First, you’ll need to decide on your presentation style. Here are the details on the two main options:

      • A sit-down meal: This can add a touch of elegance and formality to a well-organized mystery party, but it also adds a lot of extra work for the host. Also, a key aspect of a scandalous murder mystery is the opportunity to mix and mingle, and sitting stationary can cause a pause in the investigation. You may need to add extra time if you plan on this.
      • A self-serve buffet: This option can really give the host more time to play because they can get a lot of the legwork done beforehand. Plus, mingling around food always inspires impromptu conversation, and that can be the best way to sniff out the clues a murderer is trying to hide.
      • Hearty appetizers and some sweet treats: If you are not wanting to serve a full meal, you can always add filling foods for your guests to graze on and fill their bellies with. This will allow the investigation to keep going while also filling up your guests.

    Be sure to let your guests know ahead of time whether you’ll be serving a full meal or lighter appetizers and hors d’oeuvres so they can plan accordingly. Also, find out if anyone has food allergies or dietary restrictions that you’ll need to accommodate. 

    Next, consider your party budget. Murder mystery dinner ideas don’t need to break the bank, and there are numerous ways to customize your menu to fit your budget as well as the party’s theme. Maybe consider a potluck and have everyone bring something to match the theme. 

    Some themed potluck murder mystery party food ideas have been: 

    • A Trailer Park potluck with everyone bringing their favorite trailer park food — the options are endless… and HILARIOUS!
    • Killing For The Crown – have everyone bring a dish from their character’s “home state”
    • Bring a dish associated with the color of your character — A Clueless Murder

    Finally, make sure the food gets presented in an attractive and appetizing way. Have fun with the decorations, both for the individual dishes you’ll serve as well as in your dining area. 

    It’s also helpful to plan the menu to match the timing of your murder mystery party. Think about a timeline such as this:

        • Kick off the event with some light appetizers to help break the ice.

        • Have a mystery-filled dinner or more hors d’oeuvres at an appropriate time during the story.

        • Provide delectable desserts for everyone to enjoy when the case is closed, and the murderer’s identity gets revealed (whether or not the murderer deserves dessert is up to the host!).

      Murder Mystery Party Menu Ideas

      From a red carpet crime to medieval misdeeds or a terrifying toga party, Night of Mystery offers an impressive range of murder mystery party themes. You’ll get all the party planning essentials along with your mystery, including murder mystery food ideas, as well as some inspiration for costumes and decorations. Here are a few examples of creative murder mystery party menu ideas.

      • A Seafood Buffet for Cruising For Murder
      • Serve some good ole barbecue for Murder at The Deadwood Saloon
      • Charcuterie galore for A Deadly Vintage

      Get Lucky in Vegas

      If you’re investigating a Sin City casino crime, you can’t go wrong with a Vegas-style buffet. And as for satisfying the sweet tooths in the crowd, why not make some cakes in the form of the suits. Just try to catch the murderer before your luck runs out!

      Flapper Finger Foods

      A great way to tie the food into your theme is by giving each dish a creative name. If you’re hosting a 1920’s speakeasy scandal, think of adjectives to evoke your guests’ emotions and immerse them in the decadence of the decade. When paired with elegant period-themed table decorations, themes like Flapper Finger Foods or Gangster Bloodied Shrimp will help to set the mood.


      Trailer Park Potluck

      Get your guests involved with the menu for your tragic trailer park BBQ by asking each attendee to bring a different trailer park recipe. Your spread can include classic dishes like a beer can chicken and Frito Pie, sides such as fried pickles and tater tot casserole, and quirky desserts like kitty litter cake and fried Twinkies. And, why not top it all off with ashtray cupcakes?

      A Killer Cake 

      What better way to wrap up an evening of murder mystery fun than with a killer cake? Make it murderous by inserting a knife dripping with red icing into the side of the cake. If you’d rather have individual desserts, serve some red velvet cupcakes with a small knife for a topper.

      Cannibal Charcuterie

      Being a cannibal may be taking it a step too far, but just remind your guests that you’re not serving real human (are you?). Mixing a skeleton in with the charcuterie board really brings it to life… or to death.

      Themed Cakes

      Short on time, but still need something to set the mood? Search for a cake that matches your theme. Most cake stores can print an image on the top, or do something custom with frosting. And if you find a pastry chef willing and able to create a bloody masterpiece, make sure to leave a good tip.

      Glasses From the Scene of the Crime

      Another easy technique for any theme is to get appropriate glasses, and then coat the rim with red syrup to look like dripping blood. This works exceptionally well with a vampire or monster theme, but it can go over scarily well on any occasion.

      Murder Mystery Party Menu Ideas

      Murder Mystery Menu Ideas Make It a Night To Remember

      One of the best things about a murder mystery party is the social interaction and role-playing. It allows guests to step out of their comfort zones, take on different personas, and interact with others in a fun and engaging way. The mystery and intrigue add excitement and suspense to the party, making it a unique and memorable experience for all.

      Food and drinks are essential aspects of throwing a successful murder mystery party. The menu for your murder mystery should be entertaining and enjoyable, fitting for your theatrical theme, and easy to serve and eat.

      Night of Mystery goes above and beyond to provide all of the party planning resources you’ll need throughout the whole process of preparing for and hosting a killer murder mystery party.

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