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How to Host A Murder Mystery Dinner Party in 15 Steps

You’re about to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of mystery, intrigue, and culinary delight! That’s right, we’re going to unravel the knotted twine of how to host a murder mystery dinner party in 15 steps.

Mystery dinner parties can seem like a lot of work, but they’re much easier than you think if you break the planning down into smaller steps. Fasten your sleuthing cap, grab your magnifying glass, and let’s dive into the world of whodunits!

How To Host A Murder Mystery Dinner Party In 15 Steps

How Do Mystery Dinner Parties Work?

If you haven’t attended one before, you may be wondering how do mystery dinner parties work? Picture a lively gathering with an undercurrent of suspense. Your guests aren’t just enjoying delicious eats and good company – they’re each playing a part in an unfolding crime narrative. Imagine the excitement, the gasps of surprise, and the delectable drama!

Overall, there are three main aspects to a mystery party:

  1. A Specific Theme: Everything begins with a story, full of mystery, ready to be untangled. The theme could be anything from a vintage murder in a glamorous mansion to the retro vibe of an 80s prom.
  2. Everyone Has A Role: Your guests are not merely spectators. They’re detectives, witnesses, and suspects, each with their own character brief.
  3. Gameplay To Keep The Night Moving: Throughout the dinner, clues are uncovered, secrets spilled, and theories formed until the suspenseful conclusion: the reveal of the culprit.

How To Plan A Murder Mystery Game

Are you ready to transform your gathering into a riveting evening of culinary and criminal intrigue? Night of Mystery has got you covered. Whether you’re asking how to host a murder mystery party for a large group or simply how to plan a murder mystery game for a cozy circle of close friends, there are detailed games tailored for all party sizes.

Here’s a little secret: Your job as a host is to provide the atmosphere (and make sure the structure is followed), but the plot will do the rest! 

With Night of Mystery’s wealth of resources, including decorating tips, recipes, playlists, and costume links, planning a murder mystery party has never been easier. Check out this checklist to show you how easy it can be to host!

So, without further ado, let’s pull back the velvet curtain on how to host a murder mystery dinner party in 15 steps!

Step 1: Choose Your Mystery

Select a murder mystery game that fits your group’s size and theme preference. Night of Mystery offers a vast selection of adventures to choose from! It all centers around the theme, so make sure to pick one you’re excited about.

Step 2: Pick a Date and Time

Plan ahead because there are preparations involved. You have to create the setting, and your guests need to prepare their costumes.

Ensure you have plenty of time for the story to unfold on the night of the game. Allow for about 2-3 hours of playtime (longer if you plan to have a sit-down dinner). Plan for extra time if possible, because you never want to rush it.

Step 3: Send Out Invitations

Get your guests excited! Send out themed invitations and encourage them to dress in character. Night of Mystery provides invitation templates, and the Party Tips page for each mystery has suggestions on where to buy costumes.

Step 4: Assign Roles

Once your guests have RSVP’d, you can assign them their character descriptions! This will give your guests background knowledge on the persona they’ll be taking over for the night, as well as acting and dressing tips + information on the other party-goers. Give your guests their character briefs ahead of time so they can prepare. Remember, our games have been crafted especially so that each role is crucial to the plot!

Step 5: Plan Your Menu

What’s a dinner party without food? Plan a menu that matches your theme, and be sure to check the Party Tips page of your mystery, because we have plenty of suggestions.

Sit-down dinners can be tempting, but it usually works best to have a buffet-style setup so people can mix and mingle. It’s a lot harder to conspire in a dark corner if you have to get up from the table to do it!

Step 6: Arrange the Scene

Dress your venue with decorations that transport your guests into the story. Use Night of Mystery’s decor tips for that authentic touch.

It’s easier than you think to:

Step 7: Lay Out The Food

Whether it’s a fancy buffet or a spooky feast, getting creative with the food can really help set the tone for the night.

How To Host A Mystery Dinner

Step 8: Set the Mood

Playlists and ambient sounds from Night of Mystery can add the perfect background to the unfolding crime story. We have a list of curated playlists for you here.

Step 9: Explain the Rules

Before the game begins, ensure everyone knows how the evening will progress and what’s expected of them. Don’t worry, your game will have detailed instructions on what to say (and what to keep quiet…).

Step 10: Start the Mystery

Kick off the event by introducing the mystery. The game is afoot!

Step 11: Keep the Course

Guide the game along, revealing clues and keeping the suspense high throughout dinner. Again, fear not, your game instructions will tell you exactly what to do, and when to do it.

Step 12: Facilitate Discussions

Encourage guests to share their theories and discuss the clues — they’re essential to solving the crime. Some guests are shy at the beginning, but they will open up as the night goes on.

Step 13: Keep Drinks and Dessert To Hit the Finale

As the tension hits its peak, you want to make sure your guests have plenty of energy to keep going. Have some delicious treats on hand to keep the spirits up.

Step 14: Solve the Mystery

Have everyone submit their guesses of who the culprit is. Then, announce the villain amidst gasps and applause! This is also a perfect time to stage an arrest photo for everyone to remember.

Step 15: Reward the Winners

Celebrate those who’ve guessed correctly with a fun reward. Their sleuthing skills have paid off!

How Do Mystery Dinner Parties Work

That’s How To Host a Mystery Party

So, there you have it, that’s how to host a murder mystery dinner party in 15 steps. We’ve solved the mystery of how to host a mystery dinner and dived into how do mystery dinner parties work.

Remember, the key to a successful murder mystery party is planning, preparation, and a good dose of suspense. With Night of Mystery, every gathering can be a thrilling escapade that leaves your guests eagerly awaiting the next invitation. Happy hosting, and may the best detective win!

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