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Murder at The Deadwood Saloon - Party of the Month November 2018

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I was so surprised how many people were excited to come to this party, and even more surprised at how well it went. After the party, I had friends messaging me jealous that they weren’t able to make it, and from those who did make it, gave compliments about the decor, the food, and just how incredible everyone looked dressed up in their costume and how fun the party was to act out.
For the party, I made Billy the Bartender (my co-host) actually tend to the bar for the entire evening, and people had to pay $1 of their fake money for each drink they wanted, or they had to buddy up with the bartender if they wanted to drink for free. We also had Poker Alice (myself) dealing cards for blackjack for the evening, which people could use their fake money for as well. Adding these little details to the party I think helped people to have something to do while they mingled, and gave a reason for everyone to mingle around. 
The food menu I kept simple, with peanuts in their shells for people to throw onto the saloon floor, chips, a beef and cheese dip, and chicken wings.
My friend Chelsea took some amazing photos of the evening that I would like to share as well. We are already planning another murder mystery party for next year since this one went so well!

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