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Million Dollar Mystery

Kids Murder Mystery Party

I love that clean and mature versions of the mysteries are available. As a parent I want to make sure the party isn’t too mature or dark for the kids and they can have fun. As much as my child and I can explore the darker themes not all parents want their kid exposed to those things and I need to make sure not to upset a child or their parent during a party that’s supposed to be light-hearted and fun. I like that your company recognizes and accommodates those issues.

A Night of Mystery and Mayhem Worth Millions!

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Setting the Scene

The millionaire, Robert/Rita Red, was mysteriously murdered in their mansion!!!

All of Robert/Rita’s friends, relatives, and workers (who have all been promised a healthy inheritance) are surprised and saddened to learn about the millionaire’s death.The police remain
puzzled as to who could have taken the millionaire’s life.

As one of Robert/Rita’s close friends, you are invited to the will reading party where you will receive your share of the inheritance money. HOWEVER, during the family-friendly murder mystery party, you and everyone else will be working to figure out who is responsible for Robert/Rita’s death. Once you solve the puzzle, you will receive the money Robert/Rita promised
to each of their friends in the will.

Who will be to blame? Was it Doctor Turquoise in the family room with the stethescope? Chef Mustard in the kitchen with the candlestick?Or possibly Professor Purple in the park with the poison?

Before you can receive your share of the wealth, a culprit must be found!!!

Family Friendly Murder Mystery


Guest Info

Party Tips

The details make all the difference! Here are all the tips you’ll need to host a family-friendly murder mystery to die for.

Costume Ideas

Get your creative costuming ideas here!


How to create the perfect party feel!


Food & Music

Baffled about what you can serve for your party - check here!

How To Play A Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Party Game FAQs

First-time host/hostesses need not be wary. Night of Mystery parties have everything you need to throw a successful party and are designed to be easy-to-run.

If you want to play along, you can! As host, you will want to read the host’s guide in full to ensure that you are setting the game up correctly WITHOUT letting you know who the murderer is!

Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the MURDER!

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Excellent Question! And one that needs more explaining, please see the “How to Play” Page of our site and/or download a preview file to get a complete understanding of how our mysteries are run!

Download an introduction file for more info.

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Yes. We have invitations you can download at any time to send out to your guests. (We recommend you do this before purchasing if you are unclear of your guest count.)

Once you order, you will have access to your party pdf as well as email invitations with character descriptions included for your guests. See a sample emailable invite with character description here.

YES! As host, you get to decide how much or little you know about the murder.

If you want to play along, you will want to read the host’s guide in full to ensure that you are setting the game up correctly WITHOUT letting you know who the murderer is in this murder mystery party game!

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This will depend on (a) the version of party you order and (b) what you/they want to do at the party.

Some murder mystery party game rules say (generally the smaller 6-8 guest and 8-12 guest versions) have the victim rise and become the investigator after their “death.”

Since the victim does not know who murdered them, they can still play along and try to guess the murderer using their previous background knowledge and their money in order to bribe and blackmail others and derive their secrets from one another.

If you have a larger version, and you have not assigned the investigator (they are generally listed as the first person to eliminate for this reason), then the victim will need to become the investigator.

If you have assigned the investigator, but have an extra role that is not already filled, the victim can become this person (if you order the 20-80 player version, this will always be an option).

If the victim wishes to do nothing, they can do that as well. Some guests really enjoy playing along “dead” and trying to figure out who killed them.

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