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Million Dollar Mystery

A Night of Mystery and Mayhem Worth Millions!


Setting the Scene

The millionaire, Robert/Rita Red, was mysteriously murdered in their mansion!!!

All of Robert/Rita’s friends, relatives, and workers (who have all been promised a healthy inheritance) are surprised and saddened to learn about the millionaire’s death.The police remain
puzzled as to who could have taken the millionaire’s life.

As one of Robert/Rita’s close friends, you are invited to the will reading party where you will receive your share of the inheritance money. HOWEVER, during the family-friendly murder mystery party, you and everyone else will be working to figure out who is responsible for Robert/Rita’s death. Once you solve the puzzle, you will receive the money Robert/Rita promised
to each of their friends in the will.

Who will be to blame? Was it Doctor Turquoise in the family room with the stethescope? Chef Mustard in the kitchen with the candlestick?Or possibly Professor Purple in the park with the poison?

Before you can receive your share of the wealth, a culprit must be found!!!

Family Friendly Murder Mystery


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