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What Do You Do At A Murder Mystery Party

If you’re asking “What do you do at a murder mystery party”, sit tight because you’re in for a riveting ride. It’s a chance for you to step out of your mundane life and immerse yourself in a world of suspense, deduction, and intrigue. Don’t just watch the detective drama on the television, become part of the action!

What Do You Do At A Murder Mystery Party

What Is A Murder Mystery Party

A murder mystery party is a gathering where each guest gets to play a character in a story of crime and detective work. Imagine being at a soiree where suddenly, the host announces there’s been a faux murder. Your task is to unravel the mystery of who among your fellow attendees committed the crime.

At a murder mystery party, everyone is a potential suspect, and each clue could be the one that solves the case. It’s an evening of plot twists, backstabbing, and uncanny suspense!

So what do you do at a murder mystery party? Each person is given a unique character with hidden secrets and objectives, making the plot thicken faster than a hearty gumbo.

How Do You Throw A Murder Mystery Party

So you might be wondering: how do you throw a murder mystery party? We’re here to spill the tea. Let’s delve into it:

  1. Pick a Theme: It all starts with a theme, and with Night of Mystery, you can choose from a smorgasbord of tantalizing themes. You could be uncovering the seedy underbelly of a 1920s speakeasy, bringing out your rough side in a trailer park, or avoiding walking the plank on a pirate ship. The world is your oyster!


  2. Choose a Game: Your theme will guide your game choice. Once you’ve decided on the theme, there are decisions like:
    – how may people
    – clean or adult version
    – mixed gender, all-female, LGBT or non-binary version
    Whether it’s a smaller soiree or a large party, there’s a game out there for you.


  3. Send Invitations: Send out your invites along with information about the character each guest will be playing. This will allow them time to prepare and get into character.

  4. Prepare the Party Materials: With your mystery party, you will receive directions on how to prepare your party materials (ie, what to print out, put into envelopes, etc.) . You follow these simple steps at anytime before your party.

  5. Set The Scene: This is where your creative juices come in. Decorate your space to suit your chosen theme. Check the Party Tips page of your mystery for plenty of guidance on this! *This is totally optional, but a great way to enhance the party!


  6. Play The Game: Finally, the fateful day comes! Your guests arrive, an introduction is read (your game will tell you everything you need to know), and let the mystery unravel!

Does The Host Play Along?

When wondering how to host a mystery party, a lot of people want to know if the host can play along.

YES! The role of the host is a pivotal one, my dear friends. Not only is the host a character with their own secrets and objectives, but they also keep the game moving along!

This may not be the case with all mystery games, but Night of Mystery designs our games specifically so the host can play along, if they so choose to. After all, why should you miss out on all the fun?

How Do You Host A Murder Mystery Party

Does The Victim Know In Advance?

The victim finds out that they will be the victim when they receive their “a” objectives at the party! They find out as late as possible to keep the game interesting. It’s their job to die dramatically at the right moment, causing just the right amount of uproar and surprise.

But it doesn’t have to be scary – remember, it’s all in good fun!

Is There A Strict Script?

Our murder mystery parties are not scripted like a play. That is on purpose so that it is run more… like a PARTY! Each player gets a character guide that provides them with their character’s background, secrets, and objectives. There is a scripted introduction, investigation instructions and evidence presentation to help guide the room – the rest is improvisation!

The players use their objective sheet to interact, scheme, bribe, and negotiate with each other to accomplish their goals. There is a certain freedom to it, making it one of the best mystery party games for adults.

Mystery Party Games for Adults vs. Families

If you’re thinking, “What about the kiddos?”, fret not! There are family-friendly versions of these thrilling games, making them perfect for all ages. The level of complexity, subject matter, and intricacy can be adapted based on the group’s age and preferences (and we even have a few designed specifically for little ones).

How Do You Throw A Murder Mystery Party

Best Murder Mystery Games

At Night of Mystery, we have an expansive range of games, each designed to create a unique, engaging experience. From an intimate party of 8 to a grand affair for 80 (or more!), we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few of our most popular:

Murder At The Juice Joint

Step into a night of intrigue and enigma during the mesmerizing era of the Roaring 20s! As prohibition tightened its grip and organized crime surged, the Juice Joint, a classy speakeasy presided over by the vivacious Rosie Marie, never ceased to pulsate with life. And now, in celebration of its triumph, Rosie is concocting a party for the ages at this exclusive establishment… and you, my friend, are cordially invited!

But beware, for among the esteemed guests lies a name that also resides on someone else’s hit list…

With murder lurking in the shadows, prepare to encounter an eclectic mix of personalities, ensuring a night that will be etched into your memory.

Learn more about Murder At The Juice Joint.

Trailer Park Tragedy

It’s the annual W.T. Trailer Park BBQ, and this year’s blast will leave a lasting impression! With a notorious reputation among the community and law enforcement for its late-night brawls, betrayals, and illicit activities, disaster looms over this trailer park gathering. Yet, with free grub and flowing booze, you can bet all the rowdy, unsophisticated, and inebriated residents will show up.

Amidst the cramped quarters and a history packed with turmoil, a crime is inevitable, pushing one guest to the brink of madness… and another to an untimely demise.

As this trailer park murder mystery unravels, you must defend your innocence while unraveling the identity of the despicable culprit among your rotten, good-for-nothing neighbors.

Learn more about Trailer Park Tragedy.

Totally Rad 80s Prom Gone Bad

As their high school journey nears its conclusion, the students of Mayhem High engage in a cutthroat battle for grades, popularity, affection, and the ultimate prize they’ve coveted for years… the coveted titles of prom king and queen.

As the night unfolds, royalty will be crowned while an innocent life is tragically lost. From preppies to punk rockers, from the quirky to the attractive, from jocks to the scorned, suspicion falls on everyone, yet only one is truly guilty. Can you untangle the web of madness, neon lights, naughty behavior, and narcissism that envelops this 80s prom murder mystery?

Learn more about Totally Rad 80s Prom Gone Bad.

We’re Here To Help You Host A Murder Mystery Party!

Hosting a murder mystery party might seem daunting, but don’t worry! We at Night of Mystery are here to guide you every step of the way. From the moment you decide to host a party, we provide resources such as:

  • Detailed instructions on how to run the game
  • Decorating tips to help set the scene
  • Character-specific costume suggestions
  • Playlist suggestions to keep the ambiance just right
  • Mouth-watering recipes to satiate your guests

Throwing a Murder Mystery Party is an adventure, and we’re here to ensure it’s one you’ll remember. So gather your friends, put on your detective hats, and step into a world of mystery, intrigue, and loads of fun!

Remember, what do you do at a murder mystery party is up to you – whether you choose to play the dastardly villain, the super sleuth, or the innocent bystander, the game’s purpose is to have a blast. So, ready to dive into a world of mystery and intrigue? The game is afoot, dear friends!

Are You Up For The Challenge?