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A Killer 11th Birthday Party

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Killer 11th Birthday Party!

Postby lindaruth1031» Thu Feb 22, 2007 9:23 am

I bought this game for my daughter’s 11th birthday party. It was fantastic! We had 17 girls, so a couple of them played boy parts (PI Pete became PI Paula). All the girls came dressed up and took their roles very seriously. I made the sashes for everyone and had the ready when they walked in.

My husband was a good sport and was our “butler” serving champagne (sparkling cider) to all the girls when they walked in and then he also served them dinner. I devised a really cute menu and had it printed up and rolled up with a ribbon put on their plates. We served Miss Teen USA Salad, Killer Chicken Strips, Runway Green Beans and Cheesy Pageant Pasta. Then of course we had birthday cake. The girls got a kick out of the menu. I set them up in the dining room, so it was very fancy and elegant. All the decorations were gold – shiny gold table covers and huge shiny gold swirls hanging from the ceiling. It was beautiful – fit for beauty contestants!

My oldest daughter (15) was Patty Pageant … it helped having an older kid participate with the younger girls. Once they opened their envelopes, they were so excited that they all started talking at the same time! They eventually got the hang of it and the bribing and backstabbing began! My daughter LOVED her party and her friends had a great time. The parents loved the idea as well. One of the parents commented that it was so nice to see the girls dressed up. This was easily one of the greatest birthday parties of all time.


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