Killing for the Crown (clean, female, teen)

Backstabbing, Bribery and Blackmail Among Beauties

After a week of competing in the nation’s most prestigious beauty pageant,
the contestants and the judges are invited to a pre-pageant party the night before
the final round of competition.

With the Miss Teen USA crown on the line, everyone seems desperate to gain the
competitive edge on their rivals
... and for one guest that means murder!

Will it be the whiny Miss Teen Wisconsin who is obsessed with winning? 
The ambitious Miss Teen Alabama whose acting career is at stake?
The notorious Miss Teen New York with a criminal past?
Or possibly the reigning queen who is not looking forward to giving up her crown.

With a pageant that has been plagued with scandal from its beginning,
there is no reason this year should be any different.

** This version is formatted clean and set at the Miss Teen USA pageant.
** This is an ALL FEMALE version. If you would like one including men, please see here.

Guest Totals:
 8-12 Guests:
8-12 females.
10-15 Guests: 10-15 females.
15-20 Guests: 15-20 females.
20+ Guests: 20+ females.

Tanya Teen USA: Reigning Miss Teen USA. When she loses the crown, Tanya is afraid she  might be losing a great deal more.

Anna Alabama: Miss Teen Alabama. A talented actress, Anna has a movie career riding on her abilities to win the crown.

Allison Alaska: Miss Teen Alaska. Beauty & brains are behind this businesswoman, but could her calculating ways get her into trouble?

Amy Arizona: Miss Teen Arizona. A cunning contestant who is good for her word & expects the same of others. You had better not double-cross her, for she is always known to get her way.

Candy California: Miss Teen California. Candy was always pressured to succeed. Now that she is on her own, she must rely on her own abilities to win.

Flora Florida: Miss Teen Florida. Her youthful look and innocent personality have certainly earned her points in the competition. But is  her innocence just an act or is it for real?

Kailey Kentucky: Miss Teen Kentucky. Loyal and loving are two words to describe this pageant pal. Kailey will do anything to stick up for her friends who have been wronged!

Lizzie Louisiana: Miss Teen Louisiana. The most talented choreographer in the competition, Lizzie changed her dance routine to appease a cheater— but she has vowed not to lose to a cheater as well.

Mary Mississippi: Miss Teen Mississippi. Holier than thou, Mary doesn’t intend to win the competition, but she does intend to make sure someone with high moral values does.

Natasha New Jersey: Miss Teen New Jersey. Natasha has more on her agenda than winning a crown, she is also in the competition to avenge the murder of her cousin.

Natalie New Mexico: Miss Teen New Mexico. Natalie is the overlooked sister of Tina Texas. To
her, the pageant may be more about winning Daddy’s attention than winning any crown.

Nina New York: Miss Teen New York. The daughter of a mob boss, it is amazing that a woman with a sordid past could be in the competition, let alone have a chance at winning it.

Tina Texas: Miss Teen Texas. A shoo-in for the crown and a favorite with many of the judges, Tina will do anything to win. Will her drive come back to hurt her in the end?

Wendy Wisconsin: Miss Teen Wisconsin. With a slight obsession in fairness, Wendy is making sure that a fair contest is run—she vows she will not lose to a cheater.

Patty Pageant: Pageant Coordinator. As a former Miss Teen USA, Patty is responsible for orchestrating the greatest pageant ever. Patty has been running the show all week and will have to take charge if anything happens.

Judge Julie: Celebrity Judge. As a former beauty queen, Julie knows what it takes to win and she is making sure that the contestants do, too. Dirty and immoral, can be secretive and easily bribed.

Judge Jasmine: Celebrity Judge. As a Hollywood talent scout, she would rather see a talented contestant win than a conniving one.

Coach Cartier: Beauty Coach. As Miss Teen Texas’ beauty coach, she couldn’t be more excited about the competition. Tina is favored to win which will raise her salary to an all-time high in the pageant industry.

Barbara Beauty: Beauty Coach. Betrayed by Miss Teen Texas, Barbara now works for Lizzie Louisiana. Barbara’s days of earning a big salary are over unless she can produce a winner.

Coach Connor: Beauty Coach. As Natalie New Mexico’s coach, she has a lot to gain by Natalie winning (financially, that is).

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