A Knight of Murder (clean)

A Night of Medieval Madness!


A tournament of great celebration is planned to honor the noble marriage
of Baron Bartholomewto Lady Diana of Dunnsberry in the manor of Fernwood.
As a resident of the manor, you are not only invited to be there,
but your attendance is required by the request of your lord.

Whether it is to see knights jousting or to partake
in the ale and entertainment, your business is your own...
that is until you find yourself in the middle of a murder.

With only one night to find the guilty, you will soon figure out
that there is a lot more at stake, for murder in the manor is punishable by death.
Whether you are guilty or not, there will be others trying to finger you as the culprit
as you try to find the real murderer, and only you can defend your innocence.
Who do you trust? Who will betray you before the night is through?
Everyone is a suspect and no one is safe in this mystery of medieval madness.

Be careful in attending. Your life will depend not only on
your innocence, but your ability to defend it.


Guest totals:
With 20+ guests:
At least 9 Male characters, 9 Female Characters, 2 Gender neutral characters (roles that can be assumed by either a male or female guest).
With 15-20 guests: 7-8 Male characters, 8-10 Female Characters, 0-2 Gender neutral.
With 10-15 guests: 6-7 Male characters, 4-6 Female Characters, 0-2 Gender neutral.
With 8-12 guests: 4 Male characters, 4-6 Female Characters, 0-2 Gender neutral.
** Not all characters will be included if you do not order 15-20 guest version.

King Kyle—King. As ruler of this prosperous kingdom, Kyle is well liked by everyone. It’s hard to have many enemies when the punishment of betrayal is death!

Queen Genevieve—Queen. Genevieve rules equally alongside her king, or so she thinks.

Sheriff—The Sheriff of Fernwood. As Kyle’s official in Fernwood, Sheriff is in charge of collecting the taxes in the manor. With the profits dwindling, Sheriff may have some explaining to do since the royal family’s prosperity seems to be at its highest.

Sherilyn—Sheriff’s Wife. Sherilyn will do anything to see her husband promoted, especially if her actions bring her more power and riches.

Lord Taylor—Lord of the Manor. In celebration of his only son’s marriage to the noblewoman of his choosing, Lord Taylor is determined to host a tournament of epic proportions.

Lady Gwendolyn—Lady of the Manor. Gwendolyn is delighted for the approaching tournament. To Gwendolyn, the celebration symbolizes prosperity and happiness and a chance to marry off her only son to another noble.

Baron Bartholomew—Son to Lord Taylor and Lady Gwendolyn. The tournament is planned in honor of his marriage to another noble on the one year anniversary of his and Diana’s meeting. Baron’s only regret is that he must marry for wealth instead of love.

Lady Diana of Dunnsberry—Noblewoman. Diana arrived in Fernwood on a quest for a husband. While her heart is now satisfied, another’s may now be broken.

Maid Marilyn—Lady Gwendolyn’s Lady-In-Waiting. As Lady Gwendolyn’s right-hand woman, Marilyn is like a daughter to the lady. Like a true mother, Gwendolyn will do anything to ensure Marilyn’s happiness.

Sir Cameron—Knight. Sir Cameron is looking forward to entertaining and fighting for his honor in the manor tournament. If Cameron wins, rumor is that he will be asking for the favor of Maid Marilyn.

Sir Rufus—Knight. Sir Rufus is looking to boost his unfavorable reputation in the manor lands with a victory over Sir Cameron in the tournament. A triumph will not only win him the favor of a maid, but the popularity that he desires.

Gary Gallant—Squire. As Sir Cameron’s apprentice, it is essential that Gary puts the needs of his master above his own. Once Gary proves valor, loyalty and honor, he will be knighted himself.

Joking Jerry—Court Jester. Jerry is commissioned to make everyone laugh. But at what cost does a laugh turn deadly?

Willie the Watchman—Manor Watchperson. As the guardian for the lord and his manor lands, Willie will be the force that keeps anyone from getting out of hand at the tournament.

Elizabeth the Elaborate—Vassal. With a class rank higher than others, Elizabeth has some favor with the nobles. Can Elizabeth’s persuasion be enough to make Lord Taylor change his decisions concerning her daughter, or will she be forced to take measures into her own hands?

Maid Victoria—Maid. Another victim of a pre-arranged marriage to a man she does not love, Victoria question whether her destiny sealed or if she can change it in just one night?

Charlamagne—Chambermaid. Assuming the lowest tier of servant-hood in the castle, Charlamagne has unlimited access to all areas of the castle—a privilege others do not possess. While Charlamagne’s knowledge of the intimate sections of the castle may be to her advantage, they may also be her ticket to trouble.

Maid Monica—Maid. Monica has always caught the Baron’s eye (and heart) and assumed a marriage was impending. Since Bartholomew’s engagement has been set with Diana, some say Monica has turned rather ruthless.

Poor Pearl—Peasant. Pearl’s measly earnings have grown even smaller since the sheriff has been enforcing the laws.

Wyatt Worker—Serf. A member of the lowest class in the system, Wyatt will need to prove himself in order to get what he wants.

To order your A Knight of Murder costumes or decorations,
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To order your A Knight of Murder costumes or decorations,
please click on the tabs above OR
Create excitement for your party by making THESE scroll invites!

Download directions and design here!


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Mystery at a glance
Gender RolesMale & Female
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Choosing the right Party
Guests Gender Roles Price
8-12 4 male, 4-6 female, 0-2 neutral $45
10-15 6-7 male, 4-6 female, 0-2 neutral $50
15-20 7-8 male, 8-10 female, 0-2 neutral $60
20-80 7+ male, 8+ female $80
Upgrade Add-on for 15-20 guest version $25
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