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Murder Among The Mateys

A Night of Buccaneers, Booty and Bloodshed!

Well, shiver me timbers and sharpen me sword!

After a voyage filled with pillaging and plundering, the Jaded Jewel–a pirate ship captained by Redbeard, an old but dangerous pirate–is docked in a cove near Port Royal. As the pirates head into town to celebrate their homecoming and spend their gold and goods,  a night of turmoil and trouble is sure to transpire.

As the night quickly steers out of control, one guest meets a tragic demise and ends up in  Davy Jones’ Locker leaving the rest of the party goers to bring the guilty to the gallows.

Is the culprit the profiteering pirate organizing a mutiny? Or, the saucy sea mistress who wanted more than a casual commitment? The perpetrator could be the swashbuckling swordsman desperate to win the love of the governor’s
daughter, or possibly the treasure seeking seaperson incapable of sharing.

In a harbor village filled with backstabbers and buccaneers looking to get ahead, there is little reward for honesty and a high price to pay for deceit in this pirate murder mystery party.

The Cast

*Note that the cast listed below is provided only to give an idea of the types of roles available in this pirate murder mystery party, and not presented in any order relevant to the plot. 
Not all cast members are included in every version. 

Cap'n Redbeard

Pirate Captain

A fierce but fair pirate, this man runs a tight ship and won't have anyone overthrowing it!

Sharktooth Brandy

Sea Maiden

Sister to the cap'n, Brandy has been braving these waters since she was a girl. Her latest conquer, however, is not one that she occupies her time at sea.

Merciless Morgan

First mate

Found alone on an island, Redbeard took Morgan in and he quickly became one of the Cap'n's favorites.

One-eyed Wanda


Raised as a boy on the pirate ship, Wanda was passed over by Merciless Morgan when it came to promotion. Wanda has a lot to prove if she is to earn her rightful place.

Thumbless Jack


A seasoned pirate, Thumbless Jack has only been on the crew of The Jaded Jewel for only a short while.

Cutthroat McPhearson

Powder Monkey

Fierce and feisty are two words that best describe this pirate. Cutthroat has larger plans than most of the crew members.

Gurglin' Uma Scarr

Galley Wench

Anotonia Napier

Governor's Daughter

Buccaneer Bradshaw


Blackspot Jane

Pirate's Widow

Jean Golddust

Gold Dealer

Governor Napier

Governor of Port Royal

Breathless Betty Napier

Governor's Daughter

Shoutin' Roger Dagger


Sealegs Sam

Merchant Sailor

Dirty Wiggins

Gallows Master

Juliana Napier

Governor's Wife

Commodore Clearing


Mad Rose

Serving Wench

Rovin' Reynolds

Treasure Hunter

Crime Scenes

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