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8 Murder Mystery Party Planning Tips

Are you ready to host the most thrilling, chilling, and heart-stoppingly fun party of the year? Then prepare yourselves for a game from Night of Mystery, where your guests will experience an evening filled with mystery, deception, and even a little murder…

Murder mystery party planning is an art, but we just so happen to be experts at it. The devil is in the details, but we have a ton of tips and resources to help you throw a party to die for.

Murder Mystery Party Planning

What Is A Murder Mystery Party?

If you’ve never hosted or attended a murder mystery party, you might not be sure how it actually works. Well, that’s one mystery we help you solve!

A murder mystery party is a thrilling event where your guests take on a role of a certain character twist-and-turn whodunit story.

All the while, the guests are attempting to solve a mysterious murder before the night is over. Participants engage in sleuthing, piecing together clues, and interacting with other guests.  And the whole time, they will enjoy a fun and immersive atmosphere while staying in character.

Murder mystery parties generally follow these steps:

  • Receiving a character assignment, including costume advice and backstory
  • Dressing up as your character
  • Arrive at the party, and the host reads the intro and hands objectives
  • Mingling in character at the party while completing objectives 
  • A “murder” occurs!
  • Guests receive more objectives to help with investigating and gathering more clues
  • Cast accusations as to who the murderer is
  • The culprit is unmasked!
Murder Mystery Party Planner

Your Murder Mystery Party Planner Guide

To ensure a criminally fun time, follow the 8 tips of this murder mystery party planner that will leave your guests dying for more!

1. Theme It to Death

The theme is the backbone of your party. And the more thrilling, the better the mystery will be! A killer theme will set the stage for an unforgettable night of mystery and mayhem.

With Night of Mystery, there’s no shortage of spine-tingling themes. From the speakeasy setting of “Murder at the Juice Joint” to Dracula’s castle in “Terror in Transylvania,” we’ve got a game that’s perfect for you and your fiendish friends.

2. Ghoulish Guest List

When it comes to the guest list, invite the proper amount of guests to match your chosen game. The more, the scarier! And if your guests don’t know each other, that’s even better. The air of mystery will be electric!

For example, if you’re hosting “Murder off the Field,” be sure to invite enough football fans and team members to fill the roster and create an atmosphere of competition and rivalry.

3. Invitations to Die For

Get your guests in the sleuthing spirit with invitations that positively scream excitement. Your invitation is the first touch point all players will feel, so it’s essential to create anticipation and build up the mysterious atmosphere.

We provide custom invitations for all of our mysteries, and we have a whole guide on how to make murder mystery dinner invitations.

4. Deadly Decorations

You can definitely transform your lair into a realistic murder setting without breaking the bank. Carefully crafted decorations will transport your guests to the heart of the mystery, making their experience all the more immersive.

Hosting a “Murder at the Deadwood Saloon“? Create a Wild West atmosphere with DIY wooden signs, hay bales, and old-timey lanterns.

5. Frightful Food and Drinks

Serve spine-chilling treats  and tasty drinks that match your theme. A well-thought-out menu will immerse your guests in the world of the mystery, adding an extra layer of excitement to the evening.

For “Trailer Park Tragedy,” make sure that it’s fried and unhealthy. Whereas “Totally Rad 80s Prom Gone Bad” calls for nostalgic high school junk food.

6. A Killer Playlist

Another murder mystery party planning tip is toset the tone of the night with a playlist that sends shivers down your guests’ spines. A killer playlist will immerse your guests in the atmosphere and make the night more memorable.

“Lights, Camera, Murder!” deserves a Hollywood-inspired soundtrack, while “A Deadly Vintage” begs for smooth jazz and soft crooning.

All of our mysteries have a dedicated playlist on Spotify! Here are a few examples:

7. Photo Booth for Evidence

Give your guests a frightfully fun backdrop to remember their costumes. A well-designed photo booth not only provides entertainment, but it also creates lasting memories from your chilling event that will leave your guests begging you to host another.

Murder Among the Mateys” could put your guests in the stockade, while “Cruising for Murder” can feel appriopriately like what you’re friends would show you from their cruise.


8. Party Favors to Die For

Provide your guests with fiendish party favors that they can use during the night, and then cherish as a memento of the gory good time they had at your party.

For a “Terror in Transylvania” event, hand out bags of “blood” to satisfy the vampires, while guests at a “Murder in Margaritaland” can see everyone recieve a lei.

How To Host A Murder Mystery Party For A Large Group

If you’re trying to figure out how to host a murder mystery party for a large group, fear not! That is one mystery we have solved.

There are basically two things to think about in large group murder mystery party planning:

  • Does your game have enough characters?
  • Do you have a large enough venue?

All Night of Mystery games allow you to purchase for different sized groups, and most of them will have an option to satisfy your group.

You’ll just want to make sure you have enough space for everyone. The mysteries go best when there is room to mix and mingle, so try to avoid a pure sit-down situation.

After that, just plan for more of everything you would have in a normal party!

For Tips on Hosting a Mystery Party for a Large Group

Murder Mystery Night Plan

There’s Your Murder Mystery Night Plan!

So, my sinister soiree organizers, Night of Mystery has everything you need to host a night of spine-tingling fun.

From games and decorations, to playlists and recipes, we provide everything you need in your murder mystery night plan! So grab your magnifying glass and your deerstalker hat – this murder isn’t going to solve itself!

Are You Up For The Challenge?