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Plan Your Epic POST COVID19 Party!

We’ve heard over and over — “We are going to have the biggest party when this is all done!!!”

Right now we miss our friends. We miss our family. We miss socializing. And getting together to hang out. But now is not the time to lose hope. If you are the type of party planner that likes to go “all out,” who enjoys transforming their home with decorations for an event, or loves to dress to the nines – and simply staying at home with nothing to look forward to is driving you CRAZY — why not use this time to start planning for an EPIC MURDER MYSTERY PARTY when this is all done? **During Covid-19 crisis, we’ve extended the download time for our parties to 4 months (and will extend longer, if need be) to allow everyone to start planning TODAY for something they want to throw down the line. So, give yourself something to do while quarantined. Build yourself some gallows or a pirate ship for Murder Among The Mateys.

A tiki bar in your kitchen (Murder in Margaritaland) Some coffins in your conservatory for Terror in Transylvania Or turn your back yard into a trailer park for Trailer Park Tragedy. The options are as endless as your creativity – challenge it!!! Use this opportunity to keep your mind and body active, while planning for something to look forward to in the future!!!

We promise you will reap the benefits when it is all done!

Start planning your party today!!!

Check out all of our mystery themes here!!! And check out plenty of ideas on our Pinterest Page here!

  ** Night of Mystery is a Colorado-based small business. We appreciate your support in these hard times.

Start Planning Your Perfect Mystery Party NOW!