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Pimp’n HOmicide

A murder in at the flashiest and flyest Player’s Ball around!
This Pimp’n Homicide murder mystery game will be available soon!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Setting the Scene

It’s the annual Players Ball where the flyest and flashiest pimps, escorts, gigolos,
and everyone in between gather to fly high with their circuit while also awarding
the coveted Player of the Year award to the most profitable player in the game.

With the community gathering to chop it up and break bread with
their fellow players, a crazy night of playing, pandering, and philandering
 is underway when someone gets the hit of their life and ends up dead.

The rest of the players are now left to mainline
the murderer and put them on blast.

Was it the emphatic escort who wants to start their own stable?
The erratic enforcer trying to get some street cred?
The Choosy Susie whose loyalties lie with multiple players?
Or possibly the prosperous pimp who needs to protect their profits?

Whoever the guilty is, no one is leaving till you have
dropped the dime on the cold-blooded killer.

So lace up your gators, fill up your pimp cup, and get ready for
a night of feathers, fedoras, and straight-up foul play!

Guest Info

Party Tips

The details make all the difference! Here are all the tips you’ll need to host a Pimp’n Homicide murder mystery party to die for.

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Food & Music

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How To Play A Murder Mystery

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