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Murder Under The Big Top

Enter a world of fabulous freaks & exotic acts!

The Greatest Mystery On Earth!

Anxious to bolster his small, dog-and-pony show-like circus to a spectacle rivaling Ringling Brothers, Harold Hargove’s desperate attempts to lure audiences with jaw-dropping attractions have created rivalries that extend beyond the center ring.

As the pressure builds for everyone–performers, guests, and managers– a murder is committed that steals the show… and you are left to uncover the culprit before the final act.

Was it the raging ringmaster in an attempt to clean up the spectacle?
The talented tightrope walker whose fall took them out of the limelight?
A revolting roustabout with revenge in his veins?
Or possibly a possessive performer whose death-defying demeanor went too far…

In an intense world of illusion and intrigue, you must rely on your wit and intuition to find the killer before the grand finale of this circus murder mystery party!

The Cast

*Note that the cast listed below is provided only to give an idea of the types of roles available in this circus murder mystery party, and not presented in any order relevant to the plot. 
Not all cast members are included in every version.

Harold Hargrove


As owner of the circus, Harold has been cleaning up his image and the circus to make it succeed. Whether his tactics are legal or lethal is the question.

Matilda Hargrove

Harold’s wife

Even though she is not in command, others may differ with that opinion. Even with her exquisite tastes, there is little this woman cannot get. Or that Harold will get for her.

Boomer Jackson


The voice of the circus, Boomer is in charge of the performers and commanding the perfect show…his job depends on it.

Finley Fiscal

Ticket Taker

Being your first impression as you enter the show, Finley is one who has mastered their appearance… but what is hiding under the exterior?

Ariel Swinger

Trapeze Artist

Currently performing in the center ring, some believe Ariel got her position by luck, some by talent and still others by her connections.

Robert Flyer


As Ariel’s sidekick, Robert gets little credit for the fame that she claims, but she would be nowhere without him.

Twisty Kristy




Ricky Mammal

Menagerie Man

DJ Ink

Tattooed Spectacle

Payton Protector

Head of Security

Nick Dagger

Knife Thrower

Patty Pachyderm

Animal Performer

Rowan McGregor

Midway Director

Harley Bell

Strong Person

Agent Swift

FBI Agent

Skylar Toppolet

Tightrope Walker

Cat Levens

Lion Tamer

Casey Saber

Sword Swallower

Mandy Small

Skinny Woman

Crime Scenes

A picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at actual circus murder mystery party events hosted by our customers. 


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