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Murder Off The Field

A Night of Football, Felonies and Scandal

After making the playoffs but finishing just short of a Super Bowl birth, the Pitbulls are ready to
celebrate the highlights of their season!

As the team’s players, coaches, and league comrades gather for a season ending party, there is no shortage of scandal.
From debating who is to blame for the season ending interception, to the talk of player trades and speculation about the star quarterback returning or retiring this year — there is no topic off the table.

What the guests don’t realize is — not only is the future of the team at stake, but so is the future of one of the guests! Someone will perish in a fatal party penalty!

Will it be the social media-savvy wide receiver — who has sent his last tweet? 
The rookie quarterback who will never get a chance to shine?
The offensive coordinator who has made one too many bad play calls?
Or possibly the ever-calculating coach whose moves
in free agency may cost him his life?

As the clock winds down on the evening, a culprit will try to sneak in one final play to avoid being caught. With a fourth down and one final clue to uncover, it is up to the party guests to catch a murderer before he goes free in this football murder mystery party!

The Cast

*Note that the cast listed below is provided only to give an idea of the types of roles available in this football murder mystery party, and not presented in any order relevant to the plot. 
Not all cast members are included in every version.

Riley Rodgers

League Commissioner

Officially in charge of the league, Rodger will not let anyone dictate how he runs the league or cheat it in any fashion.

Robbie Robbins

Pitbull Head Coach

With fighting players and coaches, Robbie has some tough decisions to make on how to lead their team moving forward.

Joe Baller

Starting Quarterback

With Joe's football legacy on the line, will this be the year Joe finally hangs up their cleats?

Beck Jones

Rookie Quarterback

Opinionated, assertive, and eager to start for the team, this rookie can’t wait to play!

Nick Nailer


Upset about how the season ended, will Nick build upon the past or feel the need to start over?

Sam Givens

Wide Receiver

Joe Baller’s go-to receiver, some think Sam’s phenomenal success has helped the team while others will argue it has hurt it.

Tommy Tomlinson

Pitbull General Manager

Beck Jones

Wide Receiver

Biggie Baller

Joe and JuJu Baller's Parent

Crunchy Numbers

League Statistician

Jerry McGuire

Sports Agent

Ryan Rebel

Pitbull Offensive Coordinator

Brady Cadey

Free Agent Quarterback

JuJu Baller

Gladiators Quarterback

Sawyer Yells


Slick Rickie

Sports Bookie

Avery Minsell

Backup Quarterback

Rory Swanson

Free Agent Quarterback

Care Bradshaw

Sports Commentator

Shannon Stripes


Crime Scenes

A picture is worth a thousand words in this football murder mystery party, so take a look at actual parties hosted by our customers. 


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