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Murder At The Deadwood Saloon

A Night of Murder and Mayhem in the Wild West!

It’s the First Annual Deadwood Poker Tournament!

For weeks, people have been pouring into the small western town of Deadwood for the biggest poker tournament this side of the Mississippi. From outlaws to marshals and saloon girls to southern belles, everyone has made this small western frontier town THE place to be.

As the festivities of the poker tournament conclude, a celebration party is planned at the Deadwood Saloon to award the prize money for the tournament and to celebrate what is hoping to be a very financially successful venture for the saloon.

With a smattering of bandits, bankers, saloon girls, sheriffs, gamblers, east coast debutantes, and of course a few of the locals, this is guaranteed to make for a very interesting evening indeed.

 You would be a fool to miss this celebration!

We have a virtual version of this wild west murder mystery party that can be played in an online platform!
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The Cast

*Note that the cast listed below is provided only to give an idea of the types of roles available in this wild west murder mystery party, and not presented in any order relevant to the plot. 
Not all cast members are included in every version.

Harry High-Stakes

Saloon Owner

As the organizer of this grand event, Harry has a lot at stake if it is not successful!

Henrietta High-Stakes

Wife to Harry High-Stakes

Spending less and less time at the saloon lately, could Henrietta be into something or someone else?

Gambling Jack


The best hand in poker either side of the Mississippi, Jack has not lost a major tournament in the last five years. Until now.

Anna Belle

Wife to Gambling Jack

Known as her husband’s good luck charm, some say Anna Belle is the reason Gambling Jack never loses.

Mitch Maverick

Traveling Businessman

As the winner of the tournament, many question how a businessman could have such great card skills. Could Mitch be the next poker phenomenon?

Holly Hickok


A real southern belle with a flare for poker, many wonder what a girl like Holly is doing in the Wild West?

Clay Coldwell


Minnie Money

East Coast Debutante

Sheriff Sam

Deadwood Sheriff

Taffy Garrette

Saloon Girl


Saloon Bartender and Bookkeeper

Motgomery Money

Land Investor

Jesse Wales


Banker Bob

Bank Owner

Sally Starr

Saloon Girl

Marshal Dalton

Federal Marshal

Elizabeth Money

Wife to Montgomery

Black Barbara


Banker Bonnie

Banker Bob's Wife

Poker Alice

Poker Dealer

Crime Scenes

A picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at actual wild west murder mystery party events hosted by our customers. 


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