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Unraveling 2024 with Terror in Transylvania – Party of the Month 01/24

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For the third year in a row we hosted a murder mystery party for Halloween. This time, I selected Dracula’s 500th birthday as the theme and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  Everyone really looks forward to this and we already refer to it as our Oscars, so obviously my friends went all out on the creepy costumes. This time, I used a bar with a gothic theme that worked really well as Dracula’s Castle, and decorated it with coffins, spider webs and bats going up a staircase.

For the ‘cake’ I got a human head and we had other human parts on the sweets table like fingers, ears, a brain, eyes and blood wine. Creeper was also serving blood bags to all the guests!

I arranged for the victim to fall during the happy birthday song and we had a lot of fun as usual trying to figure out who did it, I loved the twist at the end!

 We are already talking about next year, thanks Night of Mystery!

Picture of Maria Victória Navarro Rodrigues

Maria Victória Navarro Rodrigues

Party of the Month 01/24

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