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Unique Dinner Party Games for Adults

Dinner parties have a reputation for being mediocre and dry. But, what if you could delve into a world of intrigue, riddles, finger food… and a crime? We’re talking about upping the ante with dinner party games for adults, and we’re donning our detective caps and putting a fresh twist on this good old-fashioned fun: a murder mystery dinner party!

Dinner Party Games For Adults

Murder Mystery Parties Are Great Dinner Party Ideas for Adults

Ever dreamt of becoming a gumshoe, a sleuth, a private eye? Then you’ll absolutely adore murder mystery dinner parties! These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill dinner party ideas for adults, oh no. They are a thrilling soiree of suspense and deduction. Each guest gets a role, the scene is set, and then… a dastardly crime occurs! Can you catch the culprit before dessert is served?

With Night of Mystery, you’re in good hands (and magnifying glasses). Our murder mystery kits cater to different-sized groups and come with enough intrigue to keep even the savviest sleuths on their toes.

From a tranquil dinner party with friends to an electrifying evening of entertainment, our kits turn your living room into a real-life crime scene (sans actual crime, of course).

Dinner Party Ideas For Adults

How Does A Murder Mystery Party Work?

Curious how all this cloak-and-dagger fun plays out? Well, fasten your seatbelts, dear detectives, for a quick guide through the labyrinth of a murder mystery party.

A murder mystery party is like a live-action board game where you and your guests are the game pieces. As soon as you download one of our Night of Mystery kits, your path towards becoming a mastermind sleuth begins!

Here’s a simplified breakdown of how it all works:

  1. Choose Your Mystery: Browse through our wide array of mysteries and choose the one that tingles your detective senses the most. Whether it’s a 1920s speakeasy, a glamorous Hollywood gala, or a treacherous voyage on a pirate ship, we’ve got a mystery for you!
  2. Prepare the Scene: With our detailed guides, you will have everything you need to prepare the perfect crime scene (don’t worry, no actual crime is involved). This includes decoration tips, costume ideas, even the perfect playlist to set the tone for your evening of sleuthing.
  3. Invite Your Suspects: Send out invitations to your friends, family, or colleagues. Each guest will be assigned a character role complete with their own backstory, objectives, and secrets. Oh, and one of them is the murderer… but shhh, that’s a secret!
  4. Solve the Crime: On the day of the party, your guests arrive in character and the game begins! Over courses of food and conversation, clues will be revealed, alibis will be provided, and secrets will come to light. It’s up to everyone to piece together the puzzle and solve the crime!
  5. The Big Reveal: Once everyone has had a chance to make their accusations, it’s time for the big reveal. The true murderer is revealed and the most accurate (or amusingly wrong) sleuths can be rewarded!

Remember, in a murder mystery party, everyone’s a part of the story. There’s suspense, intrigue, and plenty of laughter. So why settle for the ordinary when you can host the most memorable dinner party with the best dinner party games for adults that Night of Mystery has to offer? Get your detective hats on and let the mystery unfold!

Why Throw A Murder Mystery Party?

Ok, so that’s how a murder mystery party works, but why are they such a great idea for a unique dinner party? There are plenty of reasons, and here are some of the big ones:

  • Something different: These aren’t your parents’ dinner parties. Your night will definitely stand out from what all your friends are throwing.
  • A great twist on game night: Want to try a  new game that no one has ever played before, and will never play again? This lets you stop playing the games, and start living them.
  • Guests actually want to come: If we’re being honest, many people attend dinner parties out of a sense of obligation. A murder mystery makes them more likely to mark their calendars, and then come and participate!
  • An epic icebreaker: Say goodbye to awkward silences. Murder mysteries allow for all of your friends from to mingle and socialize with one another – even if they’re meeting for the first time.
  • Be the host/hostess with the mostest: With plenty of resources waiting for you, your party will have plenty of excitement and creativity – but you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself!

Best Dinner Party Games for Adults: Choose By The Occasion

Choosing the right game depends on the occasion, dear detectives. Do you have a celebration, a reunion, or a just-because soiree? Each occasion calls for its own brand of whodunit, and Night of Mystery offers a gallery of games, each brimming with suspense and excitement.

Best Dinner Party Games For Adults

Birthday Dinner Party Games for Adults

Planning a birthday bash for your favorite grown-up? Then, let’s dial up the mystery quotient! We’ve got birthday dinner party games for adults that will turn the guest of honor into either a sleuth or a suspect (their choice!). Now, isn’t that more exciting than blowing out candles?

Check Out Our Most Popular Mysteries.

Christmas Dinner Party Games for Adults

We love a good Christmas gathering – and so does the Grinch! If you’re looking for Christmas dinner party games for adults, why not try a holiday-themed murder mystery? There’s nothing like a little suspense to go with your eggnog, right?

View Our Holiday Themed Games.

Cocktail Party Games for Adults

There’s nothing quite like a cocktail party. The glitz, the glamour, the gimlets…and the games! In the glimmering candlelight, with jazz music playing softly in the background, a crime occurs. But who’s the culprit? Is it the charming socialite, or the mysterious stranger? Our cocktail party games for adults will keep your guests guessing until the last drop.

Two popular choices are:

Indoor Party Games for Adults

Cooped up indoors due to rain or snow? Fear not! We’ve got indoor party games for adults that will take you on an exciting ride of intrigue and fun. Who needs the great outdoors when you have an evening of suspense and mystery right in your living room?

Try these mysteries:

Let Night of Mystery Help!

At Night of Mystery, we offer more than just a game. We provide a whole murder mystery experience! With our downloadable murder mystery party kits, we offer resources to help plan and run your party flawlessly:

  • Decorating Tips: From crime scene tape to setting the mood, we’ve got tips to make your party locale feel like a real-life crime scene.
  • Recipes: We suggest plenty of recipes to match the theme.
  • Playlists: What’s a mystery without some suspenseful tunes? Our playlists will set the perfect ambiance.
  • Costume Help: Dress the part, feel the part! We provide links to fantastic costumes for your chosen mystery.

Whether you’re planning a birthday, a Christmas party, or a simple indoor get-together, Night of Mystery has got you covered. We’re the destination for unique dinner party games for adults. So come on, let’s solve a mystery together, shall we?

Why settle for regular old dinner party games for adults when you can take a plunge into the suspenseful world of murder mysteries?

Are You Up For The Challenge?