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How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

Are you ready for a nefarious night of memorable murder mystery fun?

Murder mystery parties are filled with intense intrigue, momentous melodrama, and fictional foul play. Read on to find out how to host a murder mystery party and bring an element of surprise to your next soiree. 

A murder mystery party is a scintillating social event where guests role-play as characters in a fictional story where one of the characters gets murdered during the party.

The goal is to figure out who the murderer is by:


    • Collecting clues

    • Questioning other characters

    • Working together to solve puzzles.

The party can be hosted at home, in a rented event space, or even online.

As the game progresses, guests piece together the puzzle and determine who the murderer is. A murder mystery party game is a fantastic way to spend an exciting evening with friends and fits a wide range of ages and styles.

How to Host a Mystery Party

Murder mystery party ideas

How to Host a Mystery Party

Hosting a murder mystery party can be tons of fun. With a little bit of advance planning and preparation, it will be a successful and enjoyable event for all. Rest assured that hosting a murder mystery party won’t be a hassle, thanks to the helpful resources provided to ensure that the host and all guests can make the most of their experience. 

Each murder mystery party template from Night of Mystery comes with everything you’ll need to plan, prepare, and pull off your party. Here are a few tips about how to host a murder mystery party.

Step 1: Choose from Murder Mystery Party Ideas

The first step in hosting a murder mystery party is to choose a theme. Night of Mystery offers many different themes and party variations. From seasonal selections like Homicide for the Holidays or Terror in Transylvania to historical hits like Totally 80s Prom Gone Bad or Knight of Murder, there are plenty of options for everyone.

Since each game is customized to the size of your party, it’s essential to finalize your guest list before ordering (don’t worry, you can get invitations for free before ordering by visiting this page). If you’re wondering how to host a murder mystery party for a large group, rest assured that Night of Mystery offers modifications for parties of any size.


Step 2: Invite Your Guests

Once you’ve chosen your theme, it’s time to send out invitations. Download customized invitations for free to mail out or send electronically. After purchasing your murder mystery party template, you’ll receive an electronic host guide containing more detailed invitations to give your guests their character descriptions and an overview of what the night will entail.

Match each of your guests with the character you think will be the best fit for their personality. As the host, you get to decide how much you know about the murder. You’ll get to play along without knowing who the murderer is ahead of time if you wish.


How to Host a Murder Mystery Party at home

To set the scene for your murder mystery, you’ll need to create the perfect atmosphere with themed decorations. Transform your living room into an elegant ballroom or a fairy forest for a fantasy-themed murder mystery, or transport your guests to the deck of a pirate ship on the high seas.

If your style is more modern, roll out a red carpet so your guests can make a grand entrance or make it feel like a millionaire’s mansion with some gold-painted glam.

Each Night of Mystery theme comes with plenty of murder mystery party ideas in the “Party Tips” section of the mystery page. If you’re looking for some extra inspiration, browse the photo gallery or the Night of Mystery Pinterest page to get ideas for costumes and decor.

Empty headiStep 4: Prepare Food and Drinks

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Complete your party preparations with a selection of food and drinks that match your murder mystery theme. From beer can chicken and kitty litter cake for the Trailer Park Tragedy to a Vegas-style buffet for Murder in Sin City, the options are endless. You can find recommendations for refreshments that compliment your theme in the “Party Tips” section for each Night of Mystery party.


Step 5: Host the Party

How to host a mystery party

When it’s time for the intrigue and illusion to begin, the host will kick off the party by reading the intro to let everyone know how events will proceed. However, a good murder mystery party isn’t scripted, which lets the night play out much more organically. Guests will receive plenty of information about their character’s motivations and objectives to be able to play the game while being spontaneous and adding their own unique flair

After a bit of mixing and mingling, the moment of the murder arrives. The victim can become the investigator or another character and keep playing since they won’t know who murdered them.

As the plot thickens, each character will have to:

    • Figure out who is a friend or foe

    • Do some stealthy sleuthing to seek out clues

    • Perhaps even participate in a bit of blackmail and bribery

When the investigator decides they have a compelling case, they’ll present the evidence. After each guest has filled out their accusation form, the moment of truth arrives. The investigator reveals the murderer’s identity, and the host can hand out awards and prizes.

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party at Home

Looking at the photos of other parties may send a chill down your spine because you think you’re home isn’t the perfect setting for a speakeasy or a pirate ship, but that’s not the case! It does take a bit of effort, but creativity goes a long way towards affordably transforming your home into the perfect setting for a murder.

The hardest part is often returning your home to it’s normal state because it’s way more fun like this.

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party for a Large Group

How to host a murder mystery party when you have a lot of guests isn’t a problem – it just means more deception and more sleuths! When you’re purchasing one of our mysteries, simply make sure you choose the right size and you’ll be ready for the perfect crime.

Why Choose Night of Mystery?

When considering how to host a mystery party, hosts and guests alike will want to make the most of their adventure. Night of Mystery provides all the resources you’ll need to plan and enjoy the perfect murder mystery party in a straightforward, easy-to-use format. There are plenty of options for customizing your chosen theme, and the mix-and-mingle party style keeps everyone involved to whatever extent they’re comfortable. Each mystery is written in-house with an impressive level of detail to ensure a high-quality, unique murder mystery experience.

Whether you’re looking for a kid-friendly option, keeping things conservative for a work event, or want to spice things up for an adult-only affair, you’ll find a murder mystery for every occasion. From an impressive selection of fun and original themes to a plethora of party planning resources, Night of Mystery is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to host a thrilling murder mystery party.

From an impressive selection of fun and original themes to a plethora of party planning resources, Night of Mystery is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to host a thrilling murder mystery party.

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