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How to Host a Kid’s Mystery Party!

For this blog, we are highlighting Honky-Tonk Takedown, a western murder mystery party for kids. 

At this time Night of Mystery has 2 kid’s mystery parties: Honky-Tonk Takedown and the Million Dollar Mystery, which are both formatted for 8-12 year olds and run in a similar fashion!!!

1. Send your guests these totally fun invites

To invite them to your Rootin’ Tootin’ Mystery-filled Root Beer Social at the Honky-Tonk Saloon!

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2. Your fantastic friends show up! Everyone from the dutiful deputy to the crooning saloon singer and the marvelous Mayor are invited! There is no shortage of colorful characters at the Honky-Tonk Saloon’s Root Beer Social!

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3. After introductions... a murder occurs!!!
Don’t worry, it’s not gruesome or gory. In fact, most times the victim goes down giggling… and ALWAYS comes back to life to help out with the investigations!

4. Time to start the investigation!

The kids are divvied up into suspects and investigators and given short scripts to read.

5. He did it!... No, she did it!!!

Investigations occur!!! Evidence is presented!!!


6. Guesses are made

Can we catch the culprit of this kid’s mystery party? We sure can!!!


7. Solution is read and culprit confesses!

And it is time for a group picture!!!

And maybe some more root beer to finish out this children’s mystery party!

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