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Yearly Halloween Murder Mystery Party | Terror in Transylvania | Party of the Month - June 2021

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“Terror in Transylvania” was a absolute blast with our friends for Halloween!
The whole house was Decked out with Red uplighting to keep it dark and eerie, a fog machine greeted you at the door with some coffins and hanging goats.
We were served Jello Shots in medical Shot dispensers. We hid mini Shots around the house with monster money attached that you had to take in front of the Hosts to keep the money.
Avery the Mummy and Dr Jekyll both went above and beyond labeling wine bottles as blood for the vampires and Whiskey and Vodka as Poison and Formaldehyde.
Draculina constantly raved about the decor, and Frankenstine was still salty toward Vampira every chance he got by Calling her a slut to anyone who would listen. Eddy was the perfect “adult” annoying child and Wings did an awesome costume change and had huge wings that were impressive.
Our friends have asked for this to be a yearly even for halloween now and we agree! We had a absolute blast dressing up and playing a part.

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