Why Night of Mystery?

What sets Night of Mystery apart:

When the creator of Night of Mystery started writing mysteries (circa 2001), there was nothing on the market that she would want to throw for her friends. With that in mind, she set out to produce (1) high-quality mysteries that (2) ran like a party (no scripts), (3) where the murder happens at the party, and (4) were interesting and engaging. And from that… came Night of Mystery!

Don't Believe Us?

Don’t believe us? Well, here is an (unsolicited) email we got from a customer when we responded to an email asking for help downloading something the second year he purchased…

We looked at every single other mystery party company (and I have done Murder by Mail as well) and we returned and selected another one of your mysteries for a couple reasons……
1. we didn’t find a single hole in your program last year
2. all of your materials were well thought out
3. dossier included enough information to formulate and be comfortable with their characters
4. great selection of themes to pick from
5. great suggestions of how to make our party a success

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