• Excellent Question! And one that needs more explaining, please see the “How to Play” Page of our site and/or download a preview file to get a complete understanding of how our mysteries are run!

    Download an introduction file for more info.

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  • First time host/hostesses need not be weary. Night of Mystery parties have everything you need to throw a successful party and are designed to be easy-to-run.

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  • If you wish to run our parties for profit, including charging any individual to take part or be a spectator while the game(s) are being played, or include it in a package for which you have charged the individual, you MUST pay the commercial fee.

    The commercial fee enables you to run the game multiple times for-profit. We have found our fee to be less costly than our competitors and much less expensive than having your own party written for you. Please keep in mind that without paying this commercial fee, you are in violation of the law and subject to prosecution. WE DO monitor the web and often become aware of cases of infringement and prosecute when such instances arise. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

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  • If you wish to run any Night of Mystery Game to raise money for charity, Night of Mystery will gladly waive the commercial fee to non-profit organizations.

    Upon payment, you will be asked for your 501c3 number. To use the mysteries without either (a) submitting your non-profit number or (b) without paying the commercial fee is illegal. In addition, we ask that you clearly state on all the advertising copy that the game is from Night of Mystery, the website address ( and the fact that the game belongs to Night of Mystery. Finally, your right to use the game for your organization will commence at the finish of your event. If you wish to use the game for another fundraiser, you will have to purchase the game again. Night of Mystery will donate three commercial fees per non-profit number per year.
    If you have any questions, please contact us or see our terms and conditions page.

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  • YES! As host, you get to decide how much or little you know about the murder. If you wish to play along, you can read the host’s guide, which will tell you how to set-up the party without knowing the murderer and/or solution.

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  • Life doesn’t go by a script and neither should you. We find that pre-scripting a party takes away from the spontaneity of the event and limits your guests in what they can do and think.

    With Night Of Mystery parties, you will find that each of your guests will receive more than enough information about their character, how to play, secrets and objectives for them to do with as they please throughout the party. This gives the character enough to do without being told WHAT to do. This format also allows for much improvisation throughout the night and a party as unique as the individuals attending it.

    ***The kid mysteries DO include short, scripted parts.

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  • The larger party includes 20 guests as suspects and then a number of general character descriptions for additional guests.

    • These additional general characters will keep their birth name (our you can assign them a new name) and they will have information about the murder, secrets to keep and objectives to complete.


    • These characters will act as sleuths and help bring to the surface some of the hidden motives of the suspects in question. – You may have duplicates of as many of these general characters are you need in order to fill your guest list.


    •  With larger parties, we find that it is important to have these extra roles to (a) make sure everyone is “involved” with the murder and (b) to help bring to light all of the possible motives for the murder.


    • These versions are also a great way to accommodate guests who are last-minute add-ons or guests who are unsure if they are going to be able to make the party at all.


    • These versions have also been used with as little as 21 guests and in excess of 100 guests.

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  • Night of Mystery has developed a number of “Clean Versions” of our mystery themes. We also now have “kid mysteries” which are suited for 8-12 year olds. Please see next question (What is a Clean Version?) for explanation.

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  • Due to a heavy demand for games that were suitable for more conservative groups and youths, some of the parties have been formatted without any reference to alcohol, extramarital affairs and/or illegal drugs.  These mysteries are named “Clean Versions” and are found here.

    Please note: there are a number of our parties that DO NOT have clean versions.
    We recommend clean versions for gatherings with more conservative guests and company functions so as not to offend anyone. Although these mysteries do not have references to some topics; blackmail, bribery, murder and deceit are still part of the game.

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  • Each Night of Mystery Party Includes:

    A Host Guide— A complete how-to of throwing your party which includes directions on preparing the invitations, assigning characters and preparing for the party.

    A Schedule of the Night— A step-by-step breakdown of how the night will go.

    An Introduction— to be read to the guests upon arrival.

    Designed Invitations— that you can customize with the details of your party.

    Information to be sent with the invitations— including background information on the party and the guest list.

    Character Descriptions— full descriptions of the characters, including costuming and acting tips.

    Character Objective Sheets— this includes objectives for each character to try to achieve at each stage of the game in order to uncover evidence and find the murderer.

    Name Tags— for your guests.

    Evidence— more clues that will be presented toward the end of the night. This evidence will help your guests solve the mystery and find the murderer.

    “Who Dunnit” Cards— to allow your guests to guess the murderer, along with vote for the most animated character and best outfit.

    The Solution— revealing the murderer and all the clues that could have led you there.

    Award Certificates— to be awarded to the best costume, the most theatrical, the player with the most money at the end of the night and to each of the guests that solve the murder.

    *** There are slight variations for the kid mysteries. Please see our Kid Mysteries FAQ section for more details!
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  • NO, you will not receive anything in the mail and/or email.

    All of our murder mystery games come as downloadable files. This allows for immediate delivery to the customer upon order. If you are ordering costumes, decorations or accessories, they will be shipped, but our games are not sent in the postal mail.

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  • Upon the processing of your payment, you will be returned to a page where you can re-log-in to your account where you will have the ability to download your party and emailable invitations for your guests. You can also access this information for 60 days  after your purchase using your account information. Be sure to remember your username and password that you created when purchasing the mystery.

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Guest Quantities

  • While we would love to honor the ability to upgrade or downgrade for a game, unfortunately, we cannot. Since our games are custom written for the size of the party (ie, we don’t just create a mystery with 8 characters and then keep adding more characters to it), each mystery size is unique unto itself and must be charged that way. That being said, going from 10-15 version to 15-20 version, will not only add in more characters, but it will change the storylines of the existing characters, and vice-versa in going from a larger version to a smaller one.

    This is why we strongly suggest you get a guest count before formally ordering. You can do so by downloading an invitation, inviting your guests and then purchasing your mystery once you have a more acurate number of people attending.

    Unfortunately, if you find yourself in this predicament, you will have to purchase another version of the mystery for the size you want unless you are moving from the 15-20 version to the 20+ version.

    If you would like to see how to add guests without upgrading, please see this blog post.

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  • Each game comes with instructions and the minimum number of people that need to be in attendance. As long as you have the minimum number, you will be alright. Make sure to read through the host guide that you receive to see which characters should be left out if you are short of the maximum number of guests.

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  • You will have 3 times to download or 60 days from the time of purchase to download and save your file.

    Once saved to your own computer, there is no time limit for you to be able to access your file on your own computer.

    Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for lost or undownloaded files after your 60-day downloadable time period and/or you have exceeded your download limit.

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  • If you have trouble accessing your mystery and/or downloading your file, please visit, or and download the current version of a modern web browser. This should solve any problems you might be having.

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  • If you are having trouble viewing, editing or printing the file, please go to and click on “Get Adobe Reader” (button on the left
    hand side of the screen). The site will take you through the steps to
    download this free application. Once you have the application downloaded,
    you will be able to view and print your file through Adobe Reader.
    Please note, this is Adobe Reader, NOT Adobe Acrobat. Often times, people
    get confused between the two applications. It is Adobe Reader that the file
    will perform better in.
    Please let me know if you have any additional problems.
  • Yes. We have invitations you can download at any time to send out to your guests. (We recommend you do this before purchasing if you are unclear of your guest count.)

    Once you order, you will have access to your party pdf as well as email invitations with character descriptions included for your guests. See a sample emailable invite with character description here.

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  • Night of Mystery does not offer a refund on any of their products. Due the nature of the files, we have no way to prevent a customer from using a party package after the customer has been sent the link to be able to download it from our site.

    We do offer free introduction files that will assist in making sure that our party packages are everything that you expect and want in your purchase. Please see these introductions before making your purchase to insure your satisfaction.

    Also, feel free to email us ahead of time with any questions you may have on the purchase.

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  • A teen version is a clean version that is simplified in verbiage to cater to a younger crowd.

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  • An LGBTQ friendly version is a mystery where there are same-sex couples within it. These versions are typically formatted for mostly-male or mostly-female with some gender-neutral characters. The male or female characters may be involved in same-sex relationships.

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  • Night of Mystery has launched a line of kid mysteries which are formatted for children ages 8-12. These mysteries involve much simpler themes and concepts, but include the same amount of murder mystery fun! To find out more information on these mysteries, please see the FAQ section on kid mysteries.

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Kid Mysteries

    • Ahead of time, the kids will be sent a highly-graphic, fun invitation (included with the mystery) with some background information on the party which will also include their character information!


    • At the party, the kids will introduce themselves by reading a short script.


    • Someone will “fall down dead.”


    • After “death,” the ‘victim’ will come back to the party as the investigator and name some suspects.


    • The kids will be divided into suspects and investigators.


    • Using short scripts, the kids will question one another in front of the other kids – giving away clues as the party goes on.


    • After two rounds of investigations, which will uncover clues and evidence, the kids will make their best guesses at who the guilty party is.


    • The guilty party will confess!!!


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