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Party of the Month: Trailer Park Tragedy (06/24)

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Hi Night of Mystery

My friends and I ABSOLUTELY love the party themes. For the past three years, I have hosted a Murder Mystery party for two of my friends’ birthday. It has become the party of the year and everyone wants an invite. Last years’ party was EPIC. We purchased the theme – Trailer Park Tragedy, and we DID IT RIGHT. I have listed below many of the details that made our night one to remember.

Hosted outdoors with appropriate decorations including a clothes line, kiddie pool wrestling pit, lawn chairs, coolers as chairs, and all the trashy WANTED signs we could imagine. The food consisted of pizza rolls, Twinkie birthday cake, pretzels dipped in chocolate to look like cigarettes, a sweet  board of sugary items, capri sun, Mountain Dew, and to top it off, we had several Smirnoff to “ICE” our participants at random times.

The outfits were incredible and our participants really played their rolls. We interviewed each participant at the beginning of the night, half way point, and at the end in order to get their take on how the party and mystery were progressing. 

Picture of Meghan Burns

Meghan Burns

Party of the Month 06/24

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