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Roll Out the Red Carpet at Emily’s Lights! Camera! MURDER!!! Mystery Party! POM 03/24

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Last night I threw the Lights, Camera, Murder Party. This was a BLAST! I had attended one Murder Mystery prior, so that was helpful when planning the party. Never having hosted a party, I was a little intimidated to put everything together, but the process was very easy. I was also able to play along with everybody because it was easy to avoid the spoilers of who the murderer was as well as who was murdered. Putting everything together was made very easy by how organized all the information was. Although, it was time consuming to cut everything out, assign characters, and put together decorations, it was a very smooth process.

I loved all of the decoration ideas! The clapboard was so fun to use with our mug shots. The wine charms were a great touch when I started the party with a champagne toast as Vanity Affair.

Some of my guests had attended a Murder Mystery before, but many of them had not. Despite this, everyone got very into character. The costumes and acting were all incredible. People wore suits, prom dresses, wigs, feather boas, fur stoles, and brought their own props. Not all of my guests knew each other prior to the evening, but everyone was able to mingle and get to know each other very easily. The champagne bottle prizes were very well received. My favorite was the richest person, who would just steal the money as people put down their money clips .

Everyone had a great time and we all look forward to throwing the next party! Thank you for helping me put together a wonderful night to remember.
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Emily Nageotte

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