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Party of the Month: Wild Wild West Mystery Partyat Matt’s!

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Thank you so much for putting together such an awesome Party Pack! I purchased the pack suited for 15-20 guests and we managed to have exactly 20 quests which was perfect! Everyone got fully into character and brought great food to go along with our theme. 

We had the perfect old style house to host it in and I went all out with the decorations. I labeled all our drinks with the labels from the pack, I put up wanted dead or alive posters etc everywhere, I made signs, money bags, gold, and places to rope your horses. It was epic. Everyone had such an awesome night, never has the chatter been so loud and so wild. Loud drama, crazy laughing, and bustling was the norm. I hosted in a way that I could play as well, which I really appreciate that you guys made that possible.

It actually turned out that I ended up being the murderer, and after all the chaos and gossip only one parson ended up discovering the truth, which means you did really well with the pack! So much misleading and guilt shared around that it was a real puzzle to solve. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Picture of Matt Buchanan

Matt Buchanan

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