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Party of the Month: Murder in Margaritaland

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I hosted Night of Mystery’s Murder in Margaritaland on July 3, 2023 while on our family vacation to the Outer Banks in NC, USA. Hosting away from home added a little more planning and packing to the host duties but with all the information shared in the provided files it seemed simple. I ordered the 10-15 participant mystery as we were going to have 12 people participating. As the host I was participating as well, so I had some wonderful friends help me with printing and stuffing envelopes that way I didn’t have any spoilers.  I created 2 characters one for my 11-year-old niece (Coconut JoJo, Coconut Joe’s granddaughter who was visiting and helping with guest relations for the week) and one for my 93-year-old grandmother (a harmless mystery lady who had been living at the resort for an unknown amount of time). Along with the two participants mentioned above we had a teenager, 2 young adults in their twenties, a couple in their thirties, some in their forties, some in their fifties, my uncle in his sixties and my parents both in their seventies take part in the evening’s festivities. Even the two bulldogs with us joined in. Some participants were a little skeptical at first but once things got rolling everyone had a great time! My grandmother said the night of the murder mystery party was her favorite thing about vacation! 

We had originally planned to have the party outside by the pool at the beach house we were renting but there were storms so we moved inside. We had dinner of chicken kabobs at our normal dinner time, therefore during the party we were just snacking and drinking. After dinner everyone prepared themselves for the party, we then got a group photo before the baby with us went to bed. Once the baby was sleeping the party started. Coconut JoJo welcomed everyone to Margaritaland and gave them their envelopes. A couple of people were so excited to get started they started their objectives before everyone was at the “resort”.

This was the first murder mystery for most participants. There were a few of us who had done scripted ones before, we all agreed we liked this format much better because there is more opportunity for creativity. Everyone enjoyed getting into character,  it took a little bit of effort to forget that we all were related . I was flirting with my uncle and had just broken up with my son, my brother was being pursued by his daughter and so on. Coconut JoJo and the Mystery lady were given money and accusation sheets just like all the other participants. Coconut JoJo (my 11-year-old niece) was the only one who chose the correct murderer. 

I had a wonderful time planning and preparing for Murder in Margaritaland. It was the perfect theme to do while on vacation at the beach. It made for a very memorable vacation that none of us will forget!

I am ready to plan my next party but this one is going to be tough to beat! Thank you! 

Picture of Michele Johnson

Michele Johnson

Party of the Month Winner

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