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Honky-Tonk Takedown: Western Kids Mystery -Party Of The Month!

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We did honky Tonk takedown for my sons 9th birthday. All the kids loved it and got really into it. They all couldn’t wait and talked about it for weeks and have all their outfits picked out.

We had sloppy joes, Chex mix, trail mix, beef jerky and the famous root beer with root beer floats. The videos are priceless. I have hosted 3 adult parties of yours over the years. This was the first time doing it for the kids and everyone was super interested in where I got the kit and how I did it. Planning on doing another adult one soon and possibly another kid one either at the end of this month or around easter.

I did a different company for his twin sisters party because he kid selection was slim. And after hosting 4 of these your company is hands down the best one out there and I will not get one from anywhere else again.

 Just wish there was most kid options or at least one that is super girly.


Picture of  Sarah Mette

Sarah Mette

Party of the Month

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