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Trailer Park Tragedy! POM 08/22

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Dear Night of Mystery,

First of all, THANK YOU! I have always wanted to go to a murder mystery party and never knew where to start. I decided for my 30th birthday last week, that I was going to host one, and your game made the whole experience incredible. My whole family joined in and took the costumes and characters seriously, which I was so happy about. My nan was assigned SUGAR PLUM! And she lived that character to the full! And was the inevitable winner of best dressed and best performer! 
I threw a lot of people off by telling them about the life insurance I forged for my lovely daughter. The materials you provided were brilliant and the whole house and garden was decorated with the signs and posters. We got the name tags made and also got personalised trophies printed for the prizes! 

We all had an absolute blast and everyone is making sure I enter us into the competition to win another game, as they all want to do it again!  

Thank you for such a brilliant package and for making my 30th birthday a very memorable one! I welcome any suggestions of what to do for our next one 😊

Warmest regards,

Picture of Kirsty Parker (Basingstoke, UK)

Kirsty Parker (Basingstoke, UK)

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