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Murder of Millionaire! POM 12/21

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Hello, Night of Mystery.

First off, I would like to begin with a huge thank you to this company for having such a smooth and easy process in order to get the murder mystery supplies itself. The files included were very easy to understand and just took time to read in order to fully comprehend what to do as a host playing.

I purchased Murder of A Millionaireand let me tell you, it was a night I will never forget.

The Decor.

My house has the setup of a creepy mansion with little room for comfort, everything was white. Of course I needed to find ways to decorate for this Will reading but also maintain some fun since this was my birthday party after all. We decorated the house with black, white, silver, and blood-red streamers and balloons and all sorts of party things. So we just went with a party funeral theme. This theme was absolutely KILLER (pun intended). A decorating highlight for me was using an Urn as our place to cast our final votes and Rick, the deceased, was around all night and each of the guests took turns immersing themself with the Urn.

The Costumes.

All my guests were involved in Performing arts or still are so to have ~14 actors together in a room solving a murder mystery that was crafted into a dramatic cinematic-like script was perfect. Everyone was dressed in full head to toe black (with the exceptions of our Artist friend, Arty Buyer, who definitely got many looks for showing up to a will-reading in white). Nevertheless choosing the best costume was difficult but so much fun.

The Acting.

As I mentioned, all of us were actors and so everyone got really in depth with their characters, creating backstories that intertwined with the actual plot. The betrayal was just hurtful as if it were real. One friend and I quote, “started to tear up” when they were dead and (spoilers) all her children and children-like individuals were weeping over her dead body. There was so much humor in it too since we didn’t max out our party count. I was the one out lining the body. Something about being a butler and having tape in my suit jacket was so humorous. 

The Mystery.

Not a single person got the solution correct. My Murderer forgot a key aspect in their costume which was the gloves. I feel this is the one part that threw us off a little because all reasons for murder were speculation so when we heard the actual solution it made sense but it felt like a difficult solution to reach. Otherwise, the murderer was such a great actors and they really got a kick out of making everyone believe it wasn’t him, even though no one really questioned him. That same friend who died became our Officer and really wanted commemorate the writer of this mystery because the solution was so out of reach but the way the evidence was evidently there after looking for it made her (the murdered/officer) impressed with the creators of this mystery. She is an english major and author and felt the premise was exactly what she felt a mystery would have. “Perfect writing,” she said.

Thank you again Night of Mystery for such a fantastic birthday. You will be having a few new customers from my troupe, I guarantee. 
Picture of Nick Sacco

Nick Sacco

Party of the Month Winner - December 2021

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