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A Brazilian Murder at The Juice Joint! – POM 3/22

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Greetings from Brazil! 

For Halloween this year, I decided to host my first Murder Mystery party, and it was a huge success. We used the space of a local cafe that has a speakeasy vibe with bricks and a downstairs secret floor, and used the handy printouts from the PDF to set the scene. 

Although I’m from Brazil and most of my friends have never heard of this kind of party, everyone understood the easy instructions on the Night of Mystery invite and had a blast. We had amazing costumes and each of the guests took their parts very seriously, even inviting a professional photographer to take the pictures for the night. In total he had 19 participants, with the victim playing the part of PI Pinkerton for the other half. 

We had an ally for the entrance with boxes and a champagne glass pyramid on the table with the Objective As envelopes, where we were serving a classic 20s drink. We completed the 20s vibe with candles, wood tables and iron stools and a jail complete with wanted posters where I photoshopped the faces of our friends.

We’ve decided to make this a tradition and do a Murder Mistery every Halloween, and will definetly use Night of Mistery for next year as well. Thanks for the amazing materials! 

Picture of  Maria Victória Navarro Rodrigues

Maria Victória Navarro Rodrigues

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