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Post Covid Trailer Park Murder mystery Party | Trailer Park Tragedy Party of the Month - April 2021

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Trailer Park Tragedy

Our night at the trailer park was one to remember. Emerging from COVID restrictions to celebrate the twins turning 30[+1], we set the scene with one of the finest trailers in the park and out drinks chilled in the kiddy pool while we played beer pong.

We feasted on the beer butt chicken, smoked brisket, mini hot dogs, loaded tots and Mac and cheese.

We had trophies for the best dressed, best performance, and best detective.


Every guest committed to their assigned character and came up with some great takes on the trailer park family.

We had Louella Deville – driven to crazy cat lady status after the sudden disappearance of her husband.

Dirk DRAGster – a hardcore dealer and side hussle glammer.


Vernon & Elvira – the maintenance man with killer legs and his childhood sweetheart the meanest , most cunning sister / lover in the south + their future frog child.

Wyatt – the lazy parolee who just wanted a good time, and for people to know he was innocent and that he admired his sweet sugars work ethic.


Ginny – a proud mumma bear that went all out to protect her baby.


Cindy Lou – a mouthy divorcee who made sure everyone knew what she thought of Sally Anne for stealing her man.


Susie Anne – who dressed for comfort so she could focus on showing her daughters how much they Owed her in life.


Sally Anne – who’s outfit inspo came from Jughead from riverwood.


Hunter String – the quiet but protective gun enthusiast from the Ozarks.


Missy Anne – a quiet hardworking waitress with some secrets of her own.


And our sweet sugar plum there to impress her man [before a night of hardwork].



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