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Hannah's First Murder Mystery with Murder Under the Big Top | Murder Under the Big Top - Circus Mystery Party of the Month

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My first time ever hosting a murder mystery party was a success thanks to Night of Mystery! The kit included everything we needed from detailed character descriptions to concession stand labels!
Everyone looked AMAZING! But our best dressed guests, DJ Ink and Ruby the Clown took home their own box of Barnum’s animal crackers as a trophy! I was impressed by everyone’s dedication to their character and use of face paint!
As the night went on, the character objective cards guided secret conversations in the midway (basement) and cook house (back yard) as well as gossiping in the concession stand (kitchen)!
After the investigation 4 people accused the correct murderer, Ariel Swinger revealed that she had become the richest player by selling her secrets, and  Boomer Jackson was crowned “Drama Queen” for the best performance of the night!
Fun was had by all and I would not hesitate to use a Night of Mystery party again! 
Hannah Gottschalk

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