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Maid Victoria's Knight of Mystery | A Knight of Murder - Medieval Mystery Party | Party of the Month- January 2021

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We had such a great time playing Knight of Mystery. Preparing the party was a blast too, we have a small one-bedroom apartment so we had to get creative and utilize all the space.


First, we decided each room would have a different theme, so you really felt like you were there. We turned the living room into a cathedral type castle. We built castle walls out of insulation foam that we carved and painted. We found a stained-glass cathedral window puzzle and a coat of arms at garage sales.


Then, we turned the bedroom into an enchanted forest. We built a tree out of insulation foam, astroturfed a wall for a more enchanting living wall feel, and turned our bed into a medical board game.


Finally, we turned our kitchen into a tavern.


To make the party affordable, we planned it far in advance so we could check thrift stores and garage sales for fun and unique medieval finds. Also, planning months in advance lets your guests work on their costumes or take advantage of after-halloween sales. We are also very fortunate to have such enthusiastic friends because as you will see in the pictures, they really went all out and looked amazing! The only thing is that I ran out of time to print name tags and I think that would have helped.


Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures because we definitely enjoyed the party!



Audra, aka Maid Victoria


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