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First Time Trailer Park Tragedy Host | Trailer Park-Themed Murder Mystery Party

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I successfully hosted my first mystery party. I choose the Trailer Park theme because I thought it would be easy to decorate and dress for.
When guests arrived they had to take a mug shot picture then they received their envelopes with their objectives. I was a little nervous it would ask too much from some but everyone really got into their characters which was so funny to see.
All the guests mingled flawlessly and I don’t think i have ever laughed so much in my life.  It only got funnier after the murder happen.
No one guessed the correct murder but it didn’t even matter. I did have awards for drama queen, best dressed, and richest redneck and it was some tough competition. I even had one guest start their own side hustle as a tattoo artist with markers!
We had lots of props and decorations.  I used solo cups as the awards, made flowers, and even strung them on christmas lights! I used cardboard and duck tape for a lot of the props but my favorite has to be the trailer.
We had 20 characters participate and it was a first for all of them as well as me and we all can’t wait until the next one! Thank you for the awesome packet it was very easy to follow along and made the night fun for me just being the host!!

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