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Channel Your Inner Miss Scarlet and/or Professor Plum with A Clueless Murder | Clue-themed Murder Mystery Party - September 2020

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My name is Erin Stevens and I hosted A Clueless Murder Mystery Dinner Party a few weeks ago and it was a huge success! My sister, Jessica, turned 30 this year and her original plan to celebrate her birthday was not possible due to covid. So her best friend and I brainstormed and came up with the idea of a murder mystery party! She wanted something similar to Clue (the Tim Curry movie may have been the inspiration for everything, but who’s not inspired by that movie right?) so I knew A Clueless Murder would be perfect. My sister and I are also known for going all out for our birthdays and this was the perfect thing to throw all of my creative energy into. We designed a whole menu of small bites and finger foods, to minimize contact, while bringing an elegant look when arranged on our great-grandmothers tarnished serving dishes. The envelopes were all written with a calligraphy pen and sealed with a custom wax seal.
The tables were draped in black velvet and candles littered the room. We made a bouquet fit for a will reading with beautiful dark sunflowers with pops of color. I even made a custom playlist featuring classics, like the Pink Panther Theme song to help set the mood. And of course, a photo of our dearly beloved Mr. Boddy (RIP). When the guests arrived we had a cocktail hour to greet, drink and eat. Everyone came dressed to the nines, and looked amazing.
Miss Scarlet (the birthday girl) stole the show with her red dress and black fur stole. Everyone got into their characters and had a blast!
Ron Burgundy talked about his degree in Pool Noodles, Mrs. White kept trying to tell Ms. Teal and Madame Rose her son was “nasty”, and after the murder Officer Indigo solved the case with their fabulous mustache!
Even though no one solved the mystery correctly, everyone had a wonderful time. It will definitely be a birthday my sister will remember forever.  We’re already starting to plan the next one!
There was one thing we were never able to solve though… #whokilledJessicas20s?
Thanks for a wonderful party!
Erin Stevens

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