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Trailer Park Tragedy – Virtual Murder Mystery Party | Trailer Park Murder Mystery Party

Check out the fun this gang had (staying inside and socially distant) with this VIRTUAL MURDER MYSTERY PARTY!!!

Stuck inside our household bubbles in Palmerston North, New Zealand, we entered the foreign waters of Trailer Park life. As we settled into our Zoom video chat we didn’t realise the bad accents, celebrity comparisons, hilarity and scandal to come.

Week 5 of lockdown had me craving some fun social interaction with friends. We had video chatted weekly, but conversations were confined to our bubble life which became a bit same same but different. Cue Night of Mystery.

I floated the idea of a Murder Mystery night with the group and everyone was immediately keen and after discussing options we decided on Trailer Park Tragedy. Everybody got out their dress up boxes, I assigned the characters and emailed everybody their information, and we starting preparing for the night.


As we opened our Zoom chat we were excited for the night ahead. Everyone had done an awesome job of putting together costumes from what they had at home and got into their characters quickly. Zoom was a good platform to use because it had lots of useful functions like the private chat and share screen, which meant we could all see the evidence at the same time.

The whole night was such a great success with only a couple of people guessing the murderer correctly at the end. As we are kiwis our American accents were probably below average, but the drinks were flowing and the laughs were many so nobody cared. As the night came to a close we partied on and discovered one of our buddies looked suspiciously like Marvin from Home Alone.

Thank you Night of Mystery for bringing some life into Lockdown. We all had the best night. We can’t wait to pop our bubbles soon and do it again together, in the same room!!

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