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Virtual Murder In Margaritaland! Hawaiian Murder Mysterty Party

Faced with the increasing uncertainty and worry of a real life pandemic, it only makes sense to delve into chaos, crime and cocktails in the Caribbean, right?!

But “how?,” you ask?  With shelter in place orders and social distancing rules in effect, we had to put on a spin on our Murder in Margaritaland party and take it VIRTUAL!

Night of Mystery gave us the perfect opportunity, seeing as all the files are digital, making them easy to e-mail and share.  As the host, I was able to schedule e-mails to all of the guests to ensure that they all receive their envelopes at the appropriate times.

Our guests all brought their best island attire and performances, making it a tight race for best dressed and best performance, but in the end Managing Mo and Starr Bright brought home the


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As mayhem ensued, our guests were able to leave the chaos of coronavirus behind and escape to island time – filled with cocktails, laughs and a lot of fun that we won’t soon forget!


Since this posting, Night of Mystery has formatted a VIRTUAL VERSION OF MURDER IN MARGARITALAND!!! 




Note from Night of Mystery: We are so glad you were able to use our murder mystery party materials to bring some fun and hilarity and a little release in these crazy times! Sounds like you have been able to use our regular materials to your advantage. We have also formatted some virtual versions to allow hosts that aren’t as virtually inclined as you.

Check out our VIRTUAL versions here.
Check out our regular mystery versions here.
(May take some extra work to play virtually, but worth it!)

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