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Lights! Camera! Murder!!! 5+ Ways To GO ALL OUT!

One of our favorite mysteries with all the glitz and glamour! And a favorite to see how our hosts go OVER THE TOP on all the *extra* things that they can do to make the party the talk of the town. Pick as many (or as little) as you would like.

Create your own Walk Of Fame for your Hollywood Suspects!!!

You can find stickers here.

Have a red carpet runway. 


INTERVIEW your guests as the walk the runway!


POSE on the red carpet!!!!

  • Create a photo spot!!!
  • There are plenty of ideas for backgrounds from a basic VIP background, to
  • Hire a photographer or have one of your friends play the part of a paprazzi!


Party with the stars!!!

  • Only the most exclusive stars are invited to your party!

Props, props, PROPS!!!


Oscar can make an appearance

As will the Hollywood sign (or a reference to it)


Ok, so that was more than 5. And there are TONS more, but those seem to be some of our favorite ways to emphasize this theme and be able to make your party envelope the theme. Of course, there are always all the of the EXTRAS that come with the party, to help you make your own theme-centric decorations and extras (pictured below).  

To start planning your perfect Hollywood murder, check out Lights! Camera! MURDER!!! here

Don’t want to include the men? We have an all-female version as well!!!

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