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Cruising For Murder with the Kummers | Cruiseline Murder Mystery Party | Party of the Month - October 2019

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We just hosted our third murder mystery party from Night if Mystery and are already looking forward to planning another! We chose Cruising For Murder, we loved the fact that the “Murder” occurs during the Captain’s cocktail reception. This was our biggest guest list yet, we purchased the upgrade so all of our guests could participate. We used the invitations provided in the download. I printed the Mystery of The Seas logo onto the envelopes and included the baggage tickets and “cruise news”  along with the character sheets. I created an event page on Facebook so I could keep my guests informed about the upcoming party.

Once we decided on the theme my husband was off to work on props! We got cardboard refrigerator boxes from the local appliance store and painted our scenery on them.


We decided (well, I decided) to move all of our furniture out for the party so it would look more like a reception hall. My husband made pub tables for me to place around and I ordered black chair covers for my folding chairs on efavormart.com for only .99 each.  It dressed things up a lot.

We ordered a ships railing scene setter from Amazon that we used along our living room wall. It actually looked like you were on the ship’s deck! My husband painted doors for the “entrance “ to the reception hall.  He made portholes that we replaced all of our pictures with. We turned our laundry closet in the hall into an “elevator” equipped with a floor indicator sign over it. I printed room number signs to put on my doors in the hallway and printed out a life size poster of a cruise ship hall we put on the doors on either end of the hallway. It really created the effect you were looking down a long corridor! We had a ship’s helm that we placed by the door for a photo op. We hung a fishnet on the wall  by the ed entrance and put everyone’s name tags on it.


We set up a gangplank on our walkway leading up the stairs and placed blue fabric under and around it to look like water, as well as using an ocean effect light. My husband painted a huge cruise ship we lit up and had on our front porch. I made a life size cutout of a luggage Porter and He made me a luggage rack. We set it up so our guests could check their baggage on the way in. Several passengers showed up with baggage, it was perfect!


We decided to use our back deck for extra space, turning it into an excursion to Palm  Island. We made palm trees and used light up trees as well. Again, my husband made some great scenery we put out to enclose the deck a bit. It looked like we were surrounded by the ocean. We used mason jars with shells, sand and candles for lighting. It looked like a Caribbean getaway!

For food we decided to serve a variety of appetizers. We set up a “buffet” table with a silver candelabra and table skirt for an elegant look. In further effort to convey elegance, I covered my dining room and island lights with silver florist foil and hung crystals from them turning them into chandeliers. We also made a foam board chandelier from a pattern on Pinterest, it was quite a bit of work, but they all looked amazing.


We served several cocktails, deep blue sea martinis, hurricanes, blue Hawaiians and Caribbean sunset punch. They were all hits with the crowd.

I made a poster to “meet the crew” by downloading actual cruise crew pictures and put my guests faces on them. I decided to make one for the Ambassdress contestants showcasing their “talents” for the contest. It wouldn’t be a cruise without a showgirl performance! I found a great showgirl picture and made it into an advertisement for her show!

All of my guests looked wonderful, from the captain to the crew and all of the passengers. Buddy Call our towel boy came equipped with towels and wowed the crowd with his towel animal skills. Officer Bullet did an amazing job on her costume and doing the investigation. Our cruise ship director Charlie Charge decided to play his role with an accent that he was able to maintain all night, it was hysterical! Our Ambassadress contestants looked gorgeous. Everyone came dressed for a black tie affair! Tom Collins did a great job keeping everyone’s glasses full. We has a conga line led by our showgirl Candy Cann, and our barback Rex Porter held a limbo contest.

I made a playlist on Pandora with dinner music  and some Caribbean songs, it added to the cocktail party feel.



This was by far our favorite murder mystery yet. Thank you for your creative scripts!
~Thomas & Patricia Kummer, North Dartmouth, Ma.


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