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June POM 2019 - 80s Party in China!!!

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80s Party in China!!!

I am an American expat living in China. I spontaneously had the idea to throw a murder mystery party. I don’t know anything about how to plan one so I am so happy I found Night of Mystery. I chose Night of Mystery because it looked very comprehensive and I loved the idea of being able to both host and play along!

I immediately started to tell my friends about it to gauge interest. Almost everyone said they had never been to one before and a lot of people had never heard of it.

I ended up choosing the 80s prom theme because I love the music and clothes of the 80s. The majority of my guests had never been to a prom before because it is a very North American thing. We had a total of 20 guests representing 11 countries. 

The day of the party, the guests showed up and I gave them each an envelope with their objectives. As an added touch, I included corsages for the ladies and boutonnieres for the gentlemen. I rented a loft for the event to make sure the guests had enough room to collude and blackmail. 

We did simple food for the party. Just ordered some pizza and made people hide their drinking from the chaperones. Once a few people got into character, suddenly everyone else did too and it was so fun to be a different person. I was so pleasantly surprised at how well everyone, including the shy guests, and non-native English speakers, got into character! Many of my guests did not know each other when they arrived but after 20 minutes in, people were mingling and chatting to complete their objectives. 

When the victim died, I was in total shock! That is my favorite part. I thought that as the host, I would have to know that, but I was just as shocked (probably moreso) than the rest of the guests!

Some highlights were: 

  • Crowning the king and queen and letting them have their first dance to “Time after time” by Cyndi Lauper. 
  • The chaperone characters walking around harassing the teenagers about their drinks.
  • Seeing everyone in costume and in character.
  • The prom pose photos!
  • Two of the characters had some kind of romantic history and did not like each other. The two guests that played these characters had just met so it was so funny to see them making snide comments to each other.
  • One of the guests brought prom king campaign flyers to hand out.
  • One of the guests at the party is a little shy and very nice. She was playing a rich snob character so every time I talked to her and she was snobby to me, it was soooo funny!
  • When the victim died, and one of the guests started to steal the money out of the victim’s pocket!!
  • And because China has interesting things sometimes. There was a ball pit in the loft! So we took photos in the ball pit after the murder mystery party was over.

I like the addition of there being a winner for the most money won as well as best dressed. I forgot to take a picture of the prizes but I gave each winner a rubik’s cube, pacman shot glass, calculator watch and pair of neon sunglasses. 

Overall, it was an amazing party! We all keep talking about it and can’t wait to do the next one.


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