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TWO March Parties of the Month - Once Upon A Murder Extravaganza!

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Once Upon A (Post-Holiday Party)Murder

Years ago, my husband and I began hosting them at our home for game nights.  They were all college-aged, young adults at the time, so their schedules were flexible, and could stay up late.  Now some are married, have real-life jobs, and start yawning hours earlier than they used to…this makes it more and more difficult to all get together at the same time/place.  Our Christmas Game Night Party is the one time a year that each of us make it a priority to be together again.  It is a laugh until you cry time every year.  When a friend shared with us about a Bad Prom Mystery Party they attended, I KNEW this would be perfect, and something extra special for our game night crew!  And it was.
We really did have a great time.  I tweaked a few things to be the host as well as Gram since our group isn’t as large as some.  Typically I go all out for parties but have had some personal stuff going on, making it difficult to get to all that I had hoped to do…so some of it (MOST of it) was thrown together using the things we already have.  I kept telling myself it doesn’t have to be perfect to be incredibly fun. Your kit made it very easy to put it together quickly.  Wonderful ideas and helpful hints. And really, THIS group is one of those people combinations that are just fantastically funny when together.
We voted on which mystery we’d act out, but my fun was getting to cast them!  Some are siblings…some significant others…my daughter played Red.  And I decided to cast my husband as Rapunzel…he played her as such a creep!  It was so much fun. We stayed in character pretty much the entire evening, minus our dirty Santa gift exchange.  It was last Friday evening (rarely do we actually have our “Christmas Party” before Christmas), but they continue to post pics on FB, and we’re still talking about it. We called it Prince Charming’s Annual Christmas Ball, which of course was delayed due to the untimely disappearance of Cinderella, until AFTER the new year.  Without further ado, the photos…

A Fairy Tale Ending to Our Murder!

This is our 5th  Murder mystery and going strong, everyone put so much thought into their outfits.  You can tell from the pictures, people get so caught up in the character.
It took almost 6 hours to get thru. They were are drama queens and kings. most of the outfits are hand made. We made a 7 foot banner and hug in the ceiling that says “Once Upon a Murder,” we even made a sign that showed  “THE END,” since every fairy tells has an end, we had a 10 ft castle backdrop.

Love  the mysteries


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