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Gay Murder Mystery Party

You may be asking — what makes a “gay-friendly” mystery party? Simple enough… Each mystery has a mostly-to-all male characters, with some of the characters being involved in same-sex relationships with other male characters. Like other mysteries, the gender-neutral characters have stayed neutral so that they can be played by men or women. For the most part, the storylines within the mysteries have not changed. The mystery and intrigue are the same (if not more!), it is simply an all (or mostly) male guest list. Read on to find out what all-male murder mystery parties we now have!


A new era is upon us… or maybe an old one! Jump back to the early 30’s and delve into the pansy craze, a period of time before Prohibition was repealed when the gay subculture became accepted in the mainstream in many metropolitan areas. Join us at The Juice Joint, a pansy club where Chicago’s gay elite go to seek out an illicit drink and a good time, for a night of mayhem and murder. Set in an era where “anything goes,” this LGBT-friendly version of Murder at The Juice Joint has a mostly-to-all male guest list that is filled with members of the mob, crooked politicians, The Juice Joint staff and other colorful characters – some with some storylines revolving around same-sex relationships. Read more for to find out how you can be the Bees Knees with all your male friends! For more details:


All-aboard for an arousing adventure aboard the Mystery of the Seas Set on a gay cruise ship, you might find yourself strutting your stuff as a contestant in the Ambassador Contest, a wayward passenger looking for love or perhaps as one of the ship’s crew – responsible for guiding the oceanliner and the passengers on their fateful journey. Either way, you are guaranteed a night of intrigue, drama and, inevitably… murder! Check your baggage at the door and set sail for murder in this mystery! Find out the details for this mystery here:  

Totally Gay 80s Prom Gone Bad!

Because… who didn’t love the 80s? Join us at Mayhem High, where the mostly-to-all male staff and students are celebrating their prom circa 1985. Amidst all of the bad hair, pastel tuxedos and the ridiculous campaigning for Prom King, there is enough drama to cause a murder… Don’t miss this opportunity to grab your guys and relive this momentous high school dance… with a dash of murder! Find out the details here!  

So, grab your guys, and a few gals if you choose, and have a party!

In case you missed the links above, you can find out more information on each of the mysteries: Murder at The Juice Joint Gay Murder Mystery Party Cruising For Murder Gay Murder Mystery Party Totally Gay 80s Prom Gone Bad Gay Murder Mystery Party Ho Ho Homicide LGBT-male version