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Ho Ho Homicide Extras!

Christmas is right around the corner and sales for Ho Ho Homicide have picked up, which probably means you are all planning your holiday parties! To aid in your planning, we have created a number of added extras to help you:
Among the new extras you will find with your Ho Ho Homicide mystery are templates and designs for:
Mrs. Claus’ Cuisine (customizable menu)
Designed Food Labels (customizable)
Signs for Various Areas (5 included)
Directional Signs for a Sign Post
(pictured above)
Designed gift tags for different mystery related speeches and awards
(pictured above)
Wine Label Awards
In case you decide to give wine to your winners!
Like the mystery, you simply have to print out the templates or designs and you will have all you need to enhance and accentuate your party!
Thanks and here’s to a murderous holiday season and Ho Ho Homicide party!  

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Start Planning your Mystery Party This Holiday Season!