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Kid's Murder Mystery Party

Coming up with a fun party idea for the little ones can be a mystery, have you ever thought about solving it by hosting a kid’s murder mystery party?

These thrilling parties are massively popular for adults, but they can also be adapted as a fun and engaging activity for younger sleuths.

Solving the mystery is both a unique party and a great way for kids to develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Plus, murder mystery dinners for kids allows all the children to play a role and interact with each other.

Kids Murder Mystery Party

How Does a Murder Mystery for Kids Work?

Basically, a murder mystery for kids is the same as an adult mystery party, but it’s specifically adapted to remove any upsetting or “adult” themes.

It all starts off by using a chosen theme, The host decorates their house (or wherever they are hosting the party) to match the setting. Then all of the little ones come dressed up in character, which they have received information about in advance.

At some point, a “murder” occurs, and then they all have to team up to find out who committed the crime.

If you purchase a quality kid’s murder mystery party, like those made by Night of Mystery, it will include detailed instructions on how to host and organize the party. That leaves you to focus on making sure your kids have the time of their lives!

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party for Kids

The mystery you purchase will contain a lot more info for a party to remember, but here are the general steps you follow to host a murder mystery party for kids:

1. Send out exciting, kid-friendly invites.

Night of Mystery provides customizable invitations for all of our parties, but there’s no limit to the creativity you can use when making these!

2. The young sleuths show up in costume.

They were all given the background and costume tips for their character, so getting ready is just as exciting as Halloween!

3. Characters are introduced, and the “murder” occurs.

Fear not! The “murder” is much more giggly than gruesome, and the “victim” comes back to help solve the crime.

4. The investigation ensues.

Divided into groups, the investigators and suspects use scripts to question each other.

5. “She did it!” “No, he did it!”

Discussions occur while the mystery masters try to figure it out.

6. Everyone makes a guess.

Whether they agree or not, they all get to make a guess on who was behind it.

7. The solution is read!

Bonus points if you’ve made a jail cell, and then everyone can celebrate with some delicious reward.

Murder Mystery Game for Kids

Is a Murder Mystery Game for Kids Scary?

No! A murder mystery game for kids is not scary unless you think it’s scary how much fun they will have!

We specially design these to remove any elements that would be upsetting or inappropriate for youngsters, so they can have a fun time. Just make sure that the mystery you purchase is a kid’s version.

Kids Murder Mystery Game Options

We currently have crafted three kid’s murder mystery game choices, and more are on the way! They follow these 3 themes:

  • Wild West
  • Fancy Party
  • Easter Escape Room

Here are some more details on each of those.

Honky-Tonk Takedown

Buckaroos and bandits head to the Wild West for a root beer social where a crime is destined to occur.

Silver Springs is a formerly-rich gold town that’s home to the Honky-Tonk Saloon. But today’s menu contains more than root beer – a murder will occur and the small sleuths will have to catch the criminal.

Learn more about Honky-Tonk Takedown here.

The Million Dollar Mystery

Robert/Red Red was a millionaire found murdered mysteriously in their mansion!

The party members are all invited to see who will inherit all the money and property, but one of them must be the criminal. They must put their minds together to make sure the person responsible doesn’t get away with it!

Learn more about The Million Dollar Mystery here.

The Great Egg Escape

Do something different for an Easter Egg Hunt, and try The Great Egg Escape!

The Easter Grinch tailed the Easter Bunny and locked up all of the Easter goodies! Follow the trail of clues to find the loot, before it’s too late.

Note: The Great Egg Escape is an escape room game, so there is no murder in this one.

Learn more about The Great Egg Escape here.

Murder Mystery for Kids

Twice The Fun With Combined Adults and Kids Murder Mystery

A great way to have fun for kids and adults is to throw two parties with only one house decorating session.

Night of Mystery provides all kinds of advice on how to transform your home into the perfect setting for a mystery, and amazing as it is, it can be a time-consuming process! A great way to double up on this is to host a kid’s murder mystery one day, and an adult version the day before or after.

Here are some great pairings of our mysteries:

The one thing you’ll want to consider, though, is which to throw first. The best way to decide is to think about who is more likely to damage your props – your children or your adult friends!

Murder Mystery Party for Kids

We Help You Host an Amazing Mystery Party for Kids

Whether it’s a kid’s murder mystery party, or one meant for teens or adults, not all mystery creators are equal.

At Night of Mystery, we give you a mix and mingle format that is easy and straightforward. No pencils, scripts, or unnecessary side games.

Our original stories are all produced in-house, and we provide you with tons of resources to make the most of your event (just check the “Party Tips” section of every mystery page).

So pick a theme, make your plans, and don’t let the murderer get away with it!