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Parties to Die For

Parties to Die For, A Night of Mystery Blog

April 5th, 2013 | Posted by Randi

Get your LUAU on!!!

With Spring in full swing and Summer right around the corner, it is the perfect time to plan your next murder mystery party – perhaps Murder in Margaritaland?

Here are some good (and inexpensive) ways to kick it off right!

(1) Visit the dollar store. From pool floaties to margarita glasses to bamboo sticks – you can find just about anything and everything you need to help you go all out a great (and affordable) themed event!!! All you need is some imagination – and we can help you with that!
If you live be a Dollar Tree, early April is when they set out their Luau stuff and it runs until it sells out (usually early Summer). You can find out if you have one locally here. Check there for some GREAT stuff! Think tiki torches, tiki lanterns, bamboo sticks, grass mats, etc.
We found these at our Dollar Tree - how fun!

(2) Utitlize what you have!
This theme is awesome for using things you already have? If you have kids, even better.
Here is a list to start from:
  • Beach towels
  • Sand pails
  • Flip flops
  • Hawaiian shirts
  • Pool floaties
  • Swim rings
  • g. Beach balls
  • Kid pool(s)
  • Snorkels, fins, etc.
  • Whatever else you have that is even remotely related to the sun and summer!We even found an old shower curtain that looked like the sea in our basement!

(3) When all else fails – buy in BULK!
Our favorite resource happens to be Oriental Trading Company – so we will let you in on that little secret. From leis to beach balls to garland galore, nothing sets the mood more than having LOTS OF IT!

Tips for decorating on the fly—
  1. Checkout this palm tree we made. It costs all of $10 to make using the supplies and directions we set out in our Murder in Margaritaland packet!

  2. Want to set the mood as everyone walks up? Grab some banner paper and create a beach scene. Easy, peesy, lemon-squeezy. Or purchase a scene setter to create the mood.
  3. Create a banner (or two) from paper plates! Festive, fun and affordable! (Templates in the Murder in Margaritaland packet.)

  4. Got a room you want to luau-up? Don’t spend loads on purchasing lei garland, simply buy some leis, cut, tie and string them together. Woahla! A room full of flowers. (Each lei = about 3 feet of garland.)
  5. Don’t forget the paper lanterns! Perfect summer party accessory.
  6. Use your beach towels as table cloths.
  7. Get some inexpensive kid grass skirts and string them together to create table skirts!
  8. Want to create a REAL tiki hut? Directions on how to make one included in the Murder in Margaritaland packet!

  9. Got a piece of scrap wood? A sign for your bar would be awesome!!!


NEED A REASON? There are PLENTY this time of year:

Cinco de Mayo : May 5th

Labor Day : May 27th

Start of summer : June 21st

 Pool Party : when the weather in your area gets warm enough!

So grab your favorite Hawaiian shirt and hula skirt and start planning for a party that will definitely set you in the mood for summer... and MURDER!

The other awesome thing about a summertime/Luau/Pool party is that you can throw it ANY TIME OF THE YEAR!!! That’s right. While summer seems optimal (and in many cases is), sometimes the best time to have one is in the dead of winter to shake the Winter blues away!

Whether you are planning for next month,
or 6 months from now,
the time to get your LUAU on is NOW!!!!

Be sure to download in intro file for more information!